Beech Bend Announces Spinning Out for 2016!

Beech Bend in Bowling Green, Kentucky has announced via an email that they will be adding in 2016 Spinning Out, a brand new family spinning roller coaster!

Photo: Beech Bend

Photo: Beech Bend

Spinning Out is themed like a race car, spinning out of control in a spectacular back to back seating configuration. Each car holds four people, a perfect size for the entire family, and the cars will spin freely throughout the ride, delivering different ride experiences each time the weight distributions change!

This will be a SBF/VISA Compact Figure 8 spinning coaster as pictured below.



Spinning Out will replace Beech Bend’s existing Dragon coaster, which if you may recall got in an incident earlier this year.

This will be a great addition to Beech Bend!

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