A Recap of IAAPA 2015 Part 1


This past week, the 97th IAAPA ( International Association of Amusement Parks) occured in Orlando. This is basically the amusement park industry’s version on Comic Con. Manufacturer will display what they have to offer, and parks will do some shopping and see what’s available and best fit for their park. Sometime, the concepts from IAAPA make it out into a park.

Here’s a multi-part recap of what occurred during IAAPA.

Lightning Rod Footage Reveal

Photo: Pixels at the Parks on Twitter

Photo: Pixels at the Parks on Twitter

Dollywood revealed the car pictured above, which will be featured outside Lightning Rod’s station. They also released a 2D and 3D POV.

Here’s the press confrence:



Playland’s Castaway Cove reveals Gale Force train

Photo: CoasterForce Facebook

Photo: CoasterForce Facebook

Playland’s Castaway Cove, a small boardwalk park in New Jersey, revealed the train for their new coaster, Gale Force, which is a triple launched S&S El Loco.

Here’s a video from In The Loop showing the train being revealed:

Here’s the preview video:

Busch Gardens Tampa reveals Cobra’s Curse model

Busch Gardens Tampa revealed a model of their new coaster, Cobra’s Curse.

Here’s some pictures from Busch Gardens Tampa showing the model of Cobra’s Curse revealed today!

Posted by Coaster Chit Chat on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Zamperla Reveals a New Style Coaster

Zamperla revealed a new family coaster, which has a soft launch, backwards switch and a vertical drop feature.

Also, they talked about their 2 new rides, Riddler’s Revenge and Catwoman Whip coming to Six Flags Over Texas in 2016!

Zamperla also had a model of their new WindstarZ ride, which premiered at Coney Island this past summer. It allows people to control their own ride.

New Cloud Coaster Concept Revealed! 

Walibi Rhône-Alpes reveals their new Gravity Group woodie! 

Here’s some stats: 

            Height: 55.8 ft



          First drop: 54.8 ft



          Length: 1464 ft



          Max banking: 59°



          Airtime: 11 moments



    trains: 2 x 12 passengers


Here’s a nice shot of the train!

Here’s a look at the inside of the station:


It does do look great! This new woodie definetly reminds me of Wooden Warrior at Quassy, which is a  good thing! This wraps up our first part of what occurred at IAAPA this past week! For more photos, check the #IAE15 hashtag on Twitter. We’ll have more parts coming soon!  Make sure you check out the Coaster Chit Chat Facebook page, follow on twitter@CoasterChitChat , and follow Coaster Chit Chat on Instagram.

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