Quassy Announces Reverse Time in Addition to Park’s 2016 Line Up!

Photo: Quassy

Photo: Quassy


Quassy in Middlebury, Connecticut announced on Tuesday during IAAPA that they will be adding Reverse Time, a thrill ride from Italian manufacturer SBF/VISA Group, in addition to the park’s already announced water park expansion. 

The attraction, the first Reverse Time to be operated in North America, was unveiled this week during a press conference at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo at the Orange County Convention Center here.

    “We’re certainly excited about bringing in this new ride,” said Quassy President Eric Anderson. “The park had an outstanding year, allowing us to incorporate this fantastic update.”

   Reverse Time, themed as a giant clock, accommodates 24 riders seated in a circular configuration, facing outward. As the ride starts to spin it is lifted into the air with the supporting turntable rotating in the opposite direction.

 Guests will dip and dive as the ride reaches a maximum speed of 20 revolutions per minute. Mid-cycle, the ride will change direction adding to the exciting experience.

 “This is the ideal fit for us,” noted George Frantzis II, a Quassy owner also on hand at the press conference. “It’s a thrilling ride, yet not too extreme for our clientele.”

  Quassy worked with the SBF/VISA team devising the color scheme for the attraction with the park’s artist creating a logo for the new ride. Rides 4U, Somerville, N.J., represents SBF/VISA in the United States.

 Reverse Time will also feature a state-of-the-art light-emitting diode (LED) lighting system and an over-the-shoulder restraint system.

 “This will be the first Reverse Time in the U.S.,” asserted Frantzis. “And there’s no doubt it will be a popular and welcomed addition at Quassy.”

In The Middle Of Things

 The new attraction will be located in the heart of the lakeside park where the former Trabant ride was located. A staple at Quassy since 1965, the Trabant was retired at the close of the 2015 season.

 Quassy had a banner posted on the Trabant in late August which stated: “What’s Happening At Quassy In 2016? Only Time Will Tell.”

 “It’s certainly created some buzz around here and within the theme park enthusiasts’ community,” Anderson said of the display. “Now everyone knows what the ‘Only Time Will Tell’ element of that banner was.”

 Quassy has several other rides from SBF/VISA Group, including the Free Fall’N drop tower which was added in 2010. FRANTIC, a 360-degree inversion ride, and kiddie bumper cars were introduced for the 2015 season from the Italian company.

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