Six Flags Great Adventure Holiday In The Park 2015 Review

Vinny has gone to Holiday In The Park at Six Flags Great Adventure two times already! Here’s some photos of the event. He says that the event is AWESOME and highly recommends you check it out!


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Here’s a list of  all the sections available at Holiday In The Park.


Here’s a photo of the awesome lights Six Flags put on their trees and a guy on stilts!


Here’s a photo of more lights for you to see. The park installed some lights on Big Wheel, but it’s motor blew out so they turned off the lights for now.



The park also installed some lights on Green Lantern. (P.S. – I like Green Lantern myself no matter what people say! -Henry)


Here’s a photo of the hollogram Christians. I know it could be controversial, but it’s what Six Flags decides to do.


The park also put up some lights on Parachuete!


More awesome lights!

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Here’s some photos of the Jack Frost show. It’s really good and Vinny recommends you to check it out!

And the theater is THIS packed.


The park awesome put these awesome lights on the carousel.


Tje park also put these awesome lights outside Skull Mountain and renamed it to Pointessa Peak. The inside is still the same.

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Here’s also some of the yummy food available!

Six Flags Great Adventure has been getting lots of visitors in. Hopefully, this awesome event continues for years! For more info about Six Flags Great Adventure’s Holiday In The Park, click here.

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