Six Flags Over Georgia 2015 Holiday In The Park Trip Report and Review

On Friday, November 20th I (James) went to the Holiday in the park media and VIP preview event at Six Flags Over Georgia. First I will start with my trip report and after I will give my official review of Holiday in the park 2015 at Six Flags Over Georgia.

HITP 2015 1

We did arrive about 15 mins after registration has begun simply because of Atlanta traffic. When we arrived we went inside to eat dinner on Main Street which was really good by the way!

HITP 2015 2

We were not allowed to tour  the park until after the tree lighting at 6:30. To kill some time we went to a fudge store and  bought some really good fudge!

HITP 2015 3

When the tree lighting ceremony began with park president Dale Kaetzel they thanked everyone who contributed to Holiday in the Park, and then they had a child from the Make-A-Wish foundation light the tree.


First we wanted to ride Goliath so we went through Peppermint Plaza which is returning for its second season at Holiday in the Park. Here are some pictures from that.

12272876_1675959349349821_193124048_n 12272576_1675959326016490_1224936361_n

Also on the way to Goliath we went through the new Magic of the Seasons light show. It’s basically a light tunnel like Six Flags Magic Mountain got last year.

After we rode goliath a couple of time we went to Dare Devil Dive. I liked how they put up a Christmas tree on the lift hill. Goliath and Dare Devil Dive are both part of the Retro Christmas USA section of the park.


The new for 2015 Holiday City section (Gotham City) was a nice addition. It definitely will help once Holiday In The Park gets way busier.  Right before you enter Holiday City, you pass through GloHill, the new home of the glow sticks!



In Holiday City we rode Batman: The Ride, Mindbender and The Joker Chaos Coaster. I must say for some reason on this night I had the most INTENSE ride I have ever had on Batman I don’t know why but I was greying out on it.

After Gotham City we visited Monster Mansion. Then we rode the North Pole Express to see Santa. Which was a magical experience! On the way out the final section we visited was REJOICE! Here are some pictures from that.


Here’s Peach State Christmas


Here’s the carousel all decorated for Christmas! I took this picture on the train.


Here’s the train station.


We also have a video from the North Pole express train ride on our Facebook page! Be sure to check it out.

Now to be quite honest, Holiday In The Park 2015 was MUCH better than Holiday In The Park 2014. Here’s the reasons:

  1. More rides open. The park had issues with long lines in 2014, which promoted them to open Superman: Ultimate Flight, Crime Wave in Gotham City, and the bumper cars as a temporary fix. The park added the entire Gotham City section to the park’s line up, which will help out with lines. Also last year most coasters were running one train.
  2. It felt like there was more holiday decor thoughout the park.
  3. Its not their first year doing it so they knew what to improve upon.

Here’s Mistletoe Mansion, which is an overlay of Monster Mansion.


Photo: Six Flags Over Georgia

Photo: Six Flags Over Georgia

Earlier this year I was told that Six Flags Over Georgia has the highest GSS (Guest Satisfaction Survey) results for Holiday In the park in the chain. I actually believe that! I started seeing the lights going up in July for this event so they put time into this event for sure. If your in the Atlanta area be sure to check this heartwarming event out!

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