Carolina Harbor Construction Tour December 2015

Back in August, Carowinds announced the park’s largest water park expansion, Carolina Harbor. With that, they’ll be adding a new wave pool, new restaurant, new slide tower, new kiddie splash area and much more! The park invited us out today for a construction tour. Thanks to Dustin and Lana for going for us. 🙂

Here’s a shot of Lana and Carowinds’ head of maintenance, Steve Jackson in front of the ENORMOUS 400 gallon bucket for Seaside Splashworks, a new 2 acres splash area replacing the park’s original wave pool.

Here’s a side shot. It’s really big!

Some of the parts for new attractions as part of Carolina H arbor. As you can see, White Water West is providing a LOT of the new attractions for Carolina Harbor.

Here’s a nerdy shot of a slide for Seaside Splashworks.

More nerdy water park stuff you can all geek out over. 🙂

Here’s more pictures of the slides for Seaside Splashworks.

Here’s a picture of just some of the parts for Carolina harbor. Remember, this isn’t all of it. And that slide tower thingy in the back? We’ll get it to it in a second.

Let’s take a look at the construction site for Seaside Splashworks.



The old wave pool, Great Barrier Reef, has already been demolished and the park is getting ready for Seaside Splashworks to come on in!

This is what it’ll look like when completed.

Since 1 wave pool is leaving, Carowinds is adding a new wave pool, called Surf Club Harbor. Here’s some construction photos:

The park told everyone that they have to get the new wave pool done by May 1st. After that, they’ll keep testing it for about 4 weeks before they open the newly renovated Carolina Harbor.

This is what Surf Club Harbor will look like when completed.


Some pictures of the colorful slide pieces for Blackbeard’s Revenge, which will have 6 slide in total with 3 drop capsules, 2 body slides and 1 tube slide. This is a clone of the other slide towers that have gone into other Cedar Fair parks lately.

Here’s some pictures of the steel structure for Blackbeard Revenge’s tower going up.

A lot of bulldozers are needed for the transformation of Carolina Harbor.

Not sure what the construction cone is doing.

This is what it’ll look like when done.

Let’s look at some other things coming to Carolina Harbor:

Here’s the location for the new restaurant, Harbor House. It’s just a bunch of dirt right now, but this is what it’ll look like when done:

The current kids mini splash area is getting a face lift. This is what it’ll look like when done:


Also, the elephant that was in Boomerang Bay is being removed.

And this is going bye bye as well!

That is for the long construction tour. Thanks to Laresa for coordinating and inviting us out and to Steve Jackson for being an awesome construction tour guide and the rest of the gang at Carowinds for all the hard work they’ve done the last couple of years into making Carowinds more awesome!

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