Wild Adventures Announces Limited Run of Dinosaurs for 2016


Photo: Wild Adventures

Wild Adventures has announced a limited time run of Dinosaurs for the 2016 season. Admission will be included in any Wild Adventures 2016 Season Pass.

Here’s info about the dinos from the park’s website:

It’s one of the largest and tallest animals ever to have walked the Earth. Its front legs were longer than its back legs!

The Allosaurs was a large, bipedal carnivore known as the lion of the late Jurassic. Its bite was quite weak for its size, about the same as a lion.

The fast-moving, carnivorous, Dilophosaurus was discovered in North America. Like modern crocodiles, it had a kink in its upper jaw meaning it likely attacked by gripping and holding on to prey.

The large, meat-eating Megalosaurus was discovered in Southern England and were the first dinosaur bones to be discovered there in 1677.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Tyrannosaurus Rex ate other dinosaurs such as triceratops, anatosaurus and edmontosaurus. It had massive skull and its nearly 10 inches long teeth could crush bones.

The Triceratops was one of the last dinosaurs to become extinct. Its skull could go over 6 feet long – the length of a giant anteater!

This small herbivore was discovered in Mongolia and is featured in a famous fossil being attacked by a Velociraptor before being buried in a sandstorm.

Parasaurolophus was a “duck-billed” dinosaur – named because of its resemblance to modern-day ducks.Fossils show they ate pine needles, twigs and needles.

Discovered in Africa, it’s different from its relative Stegosaurus because it had a double row of spikes along its back and a pair of spikes on its shoulders. Kentrosaurus may have had a very small brain but it had a good sense of smell.

The plates along its back probably helped regulate its body temperature, but may also have been used for to attract mates.  Stegosaurus had a tiny brain compared to its body size; about the size of a walnut!

The Ankylosaurus was a large, heavily-armored herbivore that used its body armour and tail club to fight off its predator, the T-rex.

It lived 280-245 million years ago and was discovered in North American and Europe. They were prehistoric reptiles and although they looked like a dinosuar they were more closely related to mammals!

As an herbivore, its diet would have consisted of soft plants, fruit and seeds. A Pachycephalosaurus’s head was covered in bumps and horns and had a dome nearly 10 inches thick!

Actually a flying reptile, not a dinosaur, it would fly low and skim its beak through water, snapping up fish and swallowing them whole. Its wingspan was as long as two white rhinos!

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