Cedar Point Tops Off Valravn!

Cedar Point yesterday topped off Valravn, their new B&M Dive Coaster coming in 2016. It will be the world’s tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster.

Here’s some photos from the construction gallery on their website:


This is the highest piece of track on Valravn.

The support that will hold Valravn is at its highest point is installed. Now, the highest piece of track will be installed.

The crane is about to set that piece of track!

Almost there!

Here’s a different angle of the construction workers topping off Valravn.

And now Valravn is topped off!

The park also worked very hard last night to complete the turn:

As explained on the OnPoint Blog, the park had to install the highest support piece, the top of the lift hill and the curve for all of this to work. If they didn’t install the curve last night, then, the construction crews would’ve had to reinstall the lift hill piece whenever they put the curve in.

Here’s a video of Valravn’s topping:

Take a virtual ride on Valravn before it opens:

Here’s a look at how Valravn will transform the scenery at Cedar Point:

Since Christmas is only in 2 days, here’s Cedar Point’s annual Christmas video:

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