The New Revolution update #1 11/24/15

Recently our SoCal Rep, Carter went to Six Flags Magic Mountain to take a look at the progress of The New Revolution (coming in 2016). All of these photos were taken on November 24th! Sorry that it took us so long to post these, as we had lots of technical difficulties. This is some pictures of what he found! Also there is a update video on the YouTube channel and you can find that here!


The park set up this photo up. No clue if it’s The New Revolution’s actual new train.
  Looking down on to the station from the Tatsu area. Not much work can be seen done here. one of the drops
  The Cone might mean something is happening around here.   The lift
  The station and queue line.


The exit of the Revolution as of now.

 Trees are being cut for the paint job.

  Markers around The Revolution. Wonder what’s gonna happen?  The loading station
A look at the station. Looks like the control panel is still in. Rumor has it that a  new one will be put in.   Caution tape around the queue line.
  The start of the lift.

 Here’s a look near the entrance
  One of the last turnarounds looks all exposed now with all the tree gone. Brake run

*Side note, the next update will be posted WAYYYYYYY faster 😉

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