Frontier City Announces Gunslinger for 2016, a Zamperla Power Surge

Gunslinger at Frontier City

Photo: Frontier City

Photo: Frontier City

Frontier City in Oklahoma City lately has been on a big streak of adding new rides. In 2014, they added a set of Larson Flying Scooters called Winged Warrior. In 2015, they added a Larson Super Loop, called Brain Drain. The park will be adding a new ride again in 2016, this time a very thrilling ride- Gunslinger, a Zamperla Power Surge.

Photo: Zamperla

Photo: Zamperla

The ride will be seat 24 people at a time and seat 24 riders. It will go in the former spot of Rodeo Round Up, a Huss Enterprise. The ride’s maximum capacity is 600 people per hour.

This will be another great addition to Frontier City. The park has done an amazing job with adding new rides lately. A permament Power Surge ride to be found at a park in the US is very rare, and it’s good to see Frontier City add something very unique.

Here’s a video of a Zamperla Power Surge in operation:

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