Lake Compounce Phobia Phear Coaster Construction Tour 1/30/16

Some New England Area ACE members were invited by the crew at Lake Compounce to come out on January 30th for first official construction tour of Phobia Phear Coaster. Here are some of the pictures from the tour from Dj, our instagram poster.


Here’s what the parts look like sitting in Lake Compounce’s parking lot.

There is a ton of super bright orange curvy Premier Rides track in Lake Compounce’s parking lot. It looks really, really nice!


Here’s a look at the launch track for Phobia.

A super nerdy shot of the launch track for Phobia.

This is what happened with the piece today…



Here’s a look at the trains. There will be purple decals on the side and a black logo on the front.




Attendees of the tour got a chance to sign one of the supports. Pretty cool! I wonder if people can identify this support once Phobia is fully constructed




Some random washers sitting around.


A random nerdy shot of Phobia’s train.




A look at all the nerdy mechanics of a Premier rides coaster train.


This is what the restraint system on Phobia looks like.


This is what the back of the train looks like.


Some of the big guns stuff necessary to launch Phobia 65 MPH.

Before we get to Phobia Phear Coaster’s construction site, Lake Compounce has a public service announcement for everyone


Phobia’s support looks really nice against some of the older buildings at Lake Compounce.


This is one of the main powerhouses for the ride. There is another smaller one on the other side.

The queue line for Phobia will be the longest one in the park. The photo booth for Phobia will be on the Ghost Hunt side of the pathway around where the dippin dot stands was before. The path is being widened to 25 feet and there will be two other food stands next to the photo booth.

The giant Phobia sign will go right where you walk up to the ride from Revolution.


The construction site is just one big mess.

A close up of some of the completed footers.

Some of the footers however are not done yet.



Only part of the ride structure is assembled, but it already looks big…



Supports are all throughout the park.


Thanks Volvo crane for digging out some of the dirt. :)

Thanks to Jerry Brick, Lake Compounce General Manager, Rus, the ACE New England Rep and Sara Frias for all organizing and running the tour.

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