Carowinds Is Decked for Super Bowl 50

Tomorrow, the 50th Super Bowl will occur. As #SB50 draws near, the team at the premier entertainment destination of the Carolinas put together a special video message for the Carolina Panthers, wishing the team good luck on Sunday as they take on the Denver Broncos. So what are the two things that the two Carolinas share?

Here’s a video revealing the answer:


In addition, Carowinds is joining in the quest to turn the Queen City blue and show support for the Panthers! The park will go blue Friday night, illuminating the lift hill of the record-breaking coaster, Fury 325, with blue lights. Also, Skytower, which takes you high above the skies for a bird’s eye view of the park, will feature blue cat eyes. Several other guest favorites will feature the blue theme in honor of the Panthers including: Intimidator, Windseeker, Afterburn and , Hurler. There’s also a Panther growl playing in Carowinds’ midways.

Here’s some photos from Carowinds showing the rides with blue lights:

Photo: Carowinds

Skytower with it’s blue eyes.

Photo: Carowinds

Fury 325 with it’s blue lights.

Photo: Carowinds

Fury 325’s plaza always looks nice, the blue lights make it extra, extra special!

Photo: Carowinds


WindSeeker with it’s blue lights.


Photo: Carowinds

Displaying image012.jpgDisplaying image012.jpg

Ripcord’s also decked to Super Bowl 50.

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