The New Revolution update: #2 and The Legacy of Arrow 

Hello all, Recently Carter went up to Six Flags Magic Mountain. He checked out The New Revolution and The Legacy of Arrow Documentary. So hear is a update/ trip report for all of you.

Also hear is the link to the YouTube video of the New Revolution Update

Sorry for posting this to late


Taking a look at those blue supports near the wall.

Crews are working hard to get The New Revolution painted white.

Closer look at those supports

This area has change a lot over the past four months
  Everything is blending vary nicely in this area 

The start of the white supports getting painted blue
  Up Near the X2 plaza they have cut this hole in the wall. I see like a flash pass entrance or exit.
  Just another look at the hole and those trees are getting cut!

Not much happening inside the station form this point of view. Just look at that blue tho!
  More Blue!

The Station is looking great and they have retiled the roof and are fixing up the station with paint.

Top of the lift is looking great!
    Looking down form the Tatsu area

Crews working inside the station to get the track painted white!

Then I went to the GearWorks Theater To watch The Legacy of Arrow Documentaey

The Coaster Enthusiasts waiting to get in the the screening.

The Crew who made the Legacy Of Arrow Great job to everyone it was amazing!

The Coaster Guy giving us a intro!

Jerry Willard the president of ACE! Giving a thanks to the film makers.

The Legacy Of Arrow was AMAZING. It was really informative about the amusement industry especially if you are a disney fan! It focused a lot on Arrows past not present. Overall Trying to not spoil anything so I am gonna end it hear! If you want to hear more. They is a link to Carter talking about The Legacy Of  Arrow on Coster Chit Chat LIVE. Warning there are some spoilers but not a lot! IT starts to ware he starts talking about it!





Panda Express is gone and Chop stick will be coming in to the park.

All branding has been removed.


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