Morey’s Pier to Retrack 90% of Great Nor’Easter for 2017

Photo: Trip Advisor

Photo: Trip Advisor

According to the Shore News Today, the Great Nor’Easter coaster at Morey’s Pier will get 90% of it’s track replaced by Vekoma with what is being describe by park owner Jack Morey as “bendable technology.”

The Great Nor’Easter is a standard Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster, but it’s supports, brakes and station are different from the other standard SLC models due to the space the ride is in.


The park will be holding a contest in the upcoming weeks to determine a new name and color for the “new” Great Nor’Easter.

The retracking is estimated to cost about $4 million. The ride will reopen in 2017 with the new track.

Photo: Domain of Death

Photo: Domain of Death

Morey’s Piers spent $1.2 million in 2008 to give the ride 2 new trains, pictured above. They did help make the ride a little bit more comfortable.

The refurbishment going on now will definitely be much, much more extreme. Hopefully, it can make Great Nor’Easter smoother, as SLCs are known for being super bumpy and rough rides.

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