Kentucky Kingdom Storm Chaser Update #12

Here’s our 12th update on Storm Chaser coming to Kentucky Kingdom in 2016. Storm Chaser is getting the Rocky Mountain Construction Iron Horse treatment, meaning that the ride’s old wooden track is being ripped up and replaced with steel I-Box track and being given more extreme elements, such as an inverting drop, inversions, and lots of airtime.

Thanks to Jason Slone for the photos.



Some item is covered up in a blue trap. It looks like the lift hill motor.



Some new track has come in from Rocky Mountain Construction’s (RMC) factory in Idaho. When these photos were taken, a truck full of RMC track was being unloaded.



Soon we’ll be riding over these rails.



The new catwalk has been put in for Storm Chaser.



The ledgers are ready for more track to be installed.



Here’s what Storm Chaser looks like right now. It seems like Kentucky Kingdom is trying to make Storm Chaser super bright red, not that it’s a complaint since 5 years ago today, the park was shuttered and closed.



The new lift hill motor is now in.

Thanks to Jason for the photos, and stay tuned for more in the future.

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