Cedar Point’s Shoot The Rapids Rumored to Being Removed and What Could The Land Be Used For?

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The Sandusky Register is today reporting a rather interesting rumor- Cedar Point removing Shoot The Rapids, the Intamin Log Flume installed back in 2010.

White Water Landing, which was a log flume that ran for about 30 years, was removed in 2005 to allow Maverick, the park’s Intamin multi- launch blitz coaster to be installed. The park always wanted a log flume to help fill the gap White Water Landing left, so the park decided to team up with Intamin in 2010 to build Shoot The Rapids.

The ride’s price tag was $10.5 million and has had a rather short lived life. The park had to delay the ride’s opening by an extra 1.5 month due to the ride’s “logs” not being able to fit the trough. The ride wasn’t well received, as many people said it was not that great of an attraction.

Shoot The Rapids got involved in an accident in 2013 where one of the ride’s flumes flipped over after the first lift hill. Seven people were injured.  The ride remained closed for the rest of the season.

Tony Clark, Cedar Point’s Director of Communcations left the Sandusky Register this quote:

“Our focus is on the construction of Valravn, our record-breaking dive coaster. We have not announced any changes regarding our current ride lineup,”

Any Cedar Point frequent visitor can agree on one thing- Shoot The Rapids has already had a low ridership count.

Here’s a look at the plot of land Shoot The Rapids sits at:


Photo: Google Maps

Photo: Google Maps

Here’s a POV of Shoot The Rapids:

Holiday World removed Pilgrim’s Plunge in 2014, which was similar to Shoot The Rapids, but had an elevator lift hill instead of a traditional lift hill.

What Could Shoot The Rapid’s Land Be Used For? 

With Shoot The Rapids being removed, the park could use the land for a new coaster- more specifically, a flying coaster, something fans have badly been wanting for years. The park could also totally steal the theme of the new Flying Dinosaur B&M Flying Coaster is going to be opening something soon and have the coaster weave in and out of the Dinosaur Alive up charge attraction that Millennium Force weaves around. Also, in Cedar Point fashion, make the flying coaster the world’s tallest, fastest, steepest, longest flying coaster. Just make sure the layout is like the Flying Dinosaur ride, and Cedar Point will have a big winner on their hands! It’s also rumored that Dinosaurs Alive will be removed in the next couple of years, which also makes sense since people rarely go in there.

Here’s a POV of the Flying Dinosaur coaster so you can see what it looks like:

This has yet to be confirmed by Cedar Point, but it’s always fun to speculate about any park’s future! We don’t really know what Cedar Point could install in Shoot The Rapid’s spot if it is really removed. No one really expected a dive coaster (Valravn) to go in the Good Time Theater’s spot, so the park could end up surprising us with their next big addition.

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4 Responses

  1. Susan C. says:

    It always looked closed whenever we passed by the entrance. I rarely ever saw anyone on it.

  2. CoDAce says:

    Prior to the announcement for Blandravin as I call it I was for RMC to iron horse Mean Streak, now completely I’m against it. At least until this was discovered, this could be an AMAZING spot for a GCI.
    The flying coaster idea is also really good, but what Cedar Point REALLY NEEDS is a standout wooden coaster. But I’d honestly still be good with a B&M flyer like the newer ones in the U.S., all of the ones here are pretty much the same (Pretzel Loop and no fly-to-lie segment).
    But in that case I feel that Mean Streak should go instead for that, or build the GCI there and build the flyer where Shoot the Rapids, my idea fit nicely into the Blandravin site so it should fit nicely into the Mean Streak Spot as well.

  3. Chuckl says:

    What a poorly written article. “The ride costed the park $10.5 million and has had a rather short lived life.” Costed? Really? “The park had to delay the ride’s opening by an extra 1.5 month due to the ride’s flumes not being able to fit the trough.” You do realize the “flume” is the water filled trough that a “log” or in the case of this ride, a boat, passes through?

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