Kentucky Kingdom Storm Chaser Update #13


Here’s our 13th update on Storm Chaser, the new RMC coaster coming to Kentucky Kingdom in 2016. Here are some photos taken on Sunday, February 14, 2016 by  our good friend Marcus over at Water Slide Database.   (NOTE: The photos in this update are on his Flickr page for those interested with some other photos of old Kentucky Kingdom rides.)

All photos were taken in an area that anyone can get these photos from.


Let’s take a look at this side of the construction site.



Hi shiny piece of RMC track sitting in the middle of the snow. 🙂


25006064156_c1ffff867d_oThe off axis airtime hill and the twisted airtime hills are now completed. They should provide some nice pops of airtime.


A close up of the twisted airtime hill.


The 140 degree stall and then overbank dive elements are also complete.


Here’s a close up on the overbank dive. I can’t wait to see riders go through this element.

The overbank dive is the last element completed. The park still has a good chunk of work to do. They’ve stopped for a while due to the lack of RMC track coming into the park.


Here’s a fancy shot of the backside of the bright red track.




Photo: Kentucky Kingdom

It seems like the park is half way through with track installation.


The ledgers are ready for the next load of RMC track to be installed. This is where the smaller ejector airtime hill will be.



Moving onto the station, the piece of track connecting the station and the beginning of the ride hasn’t been installed yet.


It’s going to be fun seeing a station load of happy riders after riding Storm Chaser this summer.


you can clearly see the fresh new handrails on Storm Chaser. The lift hill chain has yet to be installed.



Here’s a nice fancy shot of Storm Chaser from the east side of the park.


Here’s a panaoramic shot of Storm Chaser as of February 14, 2016.

Thanks to Marcus letting us use his photos.

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