Six Flags Great Adventure The Joker Construction Update #10

Here is our 10th update on The Joker, the new S&S 4D Free Spin coaster coming into Six Flags Great Adventure in 2016. All photos as usual are from the park’s website.

© Six Flags Great Adventure

In this photo the entire bottom level of the ride can be seen in place, with the great purple and green color scheme shining bright in the sun.

© Six Flags Great Adventure

Construction moves fast on a ‘stacked’ ride like The Joker, evidenced in this photo.  The middle layer of track is quickly being assembled onto the supports, bringing the ride higher and higher in the air.  The wires are there to support the ride during construction.

Photo: Six Flags Great Adventure

Here’s an update showing the curviness of The Joker. This will be people’s views when they ride The Joker.

The Joker is quickly arising. It’s going to be great getting some photos in a month showing how beautiful this coaster looks!

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