Top 10 New for 2016 Attractions Around the World

It’s that time of year again, when the majority of coaster enthusiasts are sitting at home waiting for their park’s new attraction to open up. Here’s our top 10 countdown on what we think will be the best new for 2016 attractions around the world. We decided to open this countdown to around the world so we could include the awesome international rides being open this world.

10. The Monster at Adventureland

Photo: Adventureland

This small Iowa park is receiving The Monster, a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster. The ride will have a 133 foot first lift hill that descends at 101 degrees (the steepest drop in the area), 5 inversions and 10 “air time” moments. The Monster has over 2,500 feet of steel track and crosses Adventureland’s existing Sky Ride eight times. The Monster will also features the first “Negative-G stall” loop in the Western Hemisphere. The other Negative- G stall loop is on Junker at Powerland in Finland.

9. Gale Force, Playland’s Castaway Cove

Photo: Playland’s Castaway Cove

Playland’s Castaway Cove is a small, typical Jersey boardwalk park. In 2015, they decided to remove two of their unpopular coaster, the Flitzer and Python, and replace it with 3 new coasters. The main one is Gale Force, which is pictured above. It is an S&S Launched El Loco coaster. This ride will be 125 Feet Tall, a beyond 90º Drop, have 3 launches, 6 elements, and go 64 MPH. This is a first of it’s kind ride.

The park will also be receiving a new 50 feet E&F Miller coaster that will wrap around Gale Force. That coaster will is currently having a naming contest, which you can vote here. The third coaster is Whirlwind, a SBF/VISA Spinning Coaster, which has recently been installed at many parks around the country.

8.  Cobra’s Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa

Photo: Busch Gardens Tampa

Most spinning coasters out there are a very standard model of a lift and some twists and turns. However, Burn Gardens Tampa has decided to spice things up with their newest coaster, Cobra’s Curse. Cobra’s Curse will feature a 70 feet elevator lift, a backwards section, an extreme kind of over banked turn. The ride is 2,100 feet long and is going to have a maximum speed of 40 mph. Those stats just listed are quite extreme for a spinning coaster!

7. Valravn, Cedar Point

Photo: Cedar Point

Cedar Point already has a great collection of roller coasters. The park is going to add another coaster in 2016, Valravn. This will be their 18th coaster. Valravn will be 223 feet tall tall and reach 75 mph after its 214 foot first drop and will feature the world’s tallest immelman inversion on a coaster which is 165 feet. The ride will also feature a dive loop and a 270 degree corkscrew element.

Many people have complained about the lack of creativity and the fact that this is essentially a cloned ride. However, I believe the general public will greatly enjoy Valravn. It’s another great looking, visual pleasing coaster Cedar Point fans love. Plus, the 90-degree drop will do a great job scaring people. Imagine all those photos of people before the holding brake at the top of the lift hill lets the train go through the course.

Imagine at night when Lumonsity, the park’s popular night time show, has it’s fireworks go off and a train full of Valravn gets to look at the lights. What a sight will that be!

Here’s a POV of Valravn:

6. Mako, SeaWorld Orlando

Photo: SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando has decided to install a B&M Hyper coaster when there isn’t a coaster dedicated to airtime in the  Orlando market. *shocker* Mako looks like a glass smooth ride that will be fun, and something that everyone will be able to enjoy- especially if they’re not interested in the inversions on the park’s 2 other B&M coasters- Manta, a flying coaster and Kraken, a floorless coaster. From construction photos, it looks like Mako will have some unique tricks that B&M hasn’t done with other hyper coasters in years. Mako will be part of a new 2 acre area themed to sharks. This ride will definitely help fill the airtime void in Orlando.

5. Storm Chaser, Kentucky Kingdom

Photo: Kentucky Kingdom

Ever since Kentucky Kingdom reopened in 2014, the park has slowly been adding new attractions, from the park’s popular Lightning Run coaster, to a renovated T3 suspended looping coaster, to a popular expanded Hurricane Bay water park. Kentucky Kingdom is taking what they have avilable and invest it into their SBNO Twisted Twins dueling wooden coaster, and getting Rocky Mountain Construction to perform their ultra-popular Iron Horse conversion done at many Six Flags parks. One half of Twisted Twins will be removed, and the other half will be converted to a hybrid coaster. Storm Chaser will feature 3 inversions- an inverting barrel roll drop, a 140 degree stall and a corked roll. The ride will also be receiving LOTS of airtime, including an extreme airtime hill found on the popular El Toro wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure.

It’s great to see Kentucky Kingdom keep on improving with the funds they have. Rocky Mountain Construction coasters are quite cheap and popular, making this a great option for the park.

Here’s some updates of Storm Chaser’s construction.

Here’s a POV of Storm Chaser:

4.The Joker, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


Photo: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


Here’s the 2nd Rocky Mountain Construction coaster on this list! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is converting their Roar wooden roller coaster into The Joker, a RMC Hybrid coaster. The ride is quite twisted, with the lift hill being the only straight piece of track on the ride- which is a good thing! The ride will start off with a 100 foot lift hill, then a 78-degree drop, and then go through the world’s FIRST step-up under flip. (where do they even get these names from?) Then, you will get to experience lots of twisted airtime hills (15 in total, ) and a barrel roll. One particular element on this ride I love is the 180-degree stall- which I’ve experience on Goliath at Six Flags Great America, a RMC wood coaster. If you’ve experience that element before, you know how much great floater hang time you get.

There’s plenty of elements on The Joker to make anyone, from a seasoned coaster enthusiast to a regular park go-er, to make them love The Joker.

Here’s a POV of The Joker so you see all the wonderful twisted elements on this ride (and the park also changed the beginning of the ride to give it MORE airtime:)


3. Taron, Phantasialand

Phantasisland, a park in Germany, well known for it’s highly themed lands and rides, is receiving Taron, a Intamin launch coaster. Lots of stats are currently unknown, but one thing is known- this is one of the most highly themed coasters in the world. The ride will go through a ton of rock work, and feature multiple head choppers. The ride’s track had to be wrapped plastic when it was installed to protect the rock work. It’s great to see parks add Intamins, even with their tarnished reputation.

And another better part? The park is adding Raik, a Vekoma Family Boomerang that will go through Taron.

Go here, and take a look for yourself at all this craziness and awesomeness Phantasialand is adding in 2016.

2.  Wildfire, Kolmarden

Photo: Kolmarden

Here’s our 3rd RMC coaster on this list! Kolmarden in Sweden is a super small wildlife park. In 2016, they are adding a mega ride- Wildfire, a RMC wooden roller coaster. This ride will feature a 187 ft lift hill, 161 ft 83-degree drop, a zero-g roll, 2 heartline rolls, and 12 airtime moments. The best part of this ride in my opinion is that it uses the terrain to it’s advantage. Some coasters out their fight with the train (i.e. the old Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas,) Rocky Mountain Construction has done an amazing job using the terrain to its advantage on Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and now Wildfire. Wildfire will definitely put Kolmarden on the map.

1. Lightning Rod, Dollywood

Photo: Dollywood

Finally, our #1 coaster on this list! Lightning Rod at Dollywood will be the world’s first wooden launched roller coaster, and be the fastest launched wooden coaster. Riders will be launched 45 MPH 20 stories in the air, then go though a 73-degree drop, and then a breaking wave turn, lots of airtime, a quaruple down and a half loop finale. The best part of this ride in my opinion is that it uses the terrain to it’s advantage, and is chock full of airtime! Although their isn’t any inversions on this ride, as people wanted, the amount of airtime on this ride makes up for the fact that there are no inversions on this ride.  Night time rides will definetly be awesome!

The last 2 pieces of this ride has now been installed, and hopefully testing will occur by this weekend in order to ensure that Lightning Rod will open  by March 19th.

Here’s a POV so you experience all of Lightning Rod’s wonderful airtime before it opens:

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