The New Revolution Update #3 02/28/16

Please welcome Laurie, our new Southern Californian correspondent to the team. Laurie and Carter will be our 2 Southern California correspondents. -Henry

During my recent visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain I was pleasantly surprised to see the progress being made on the updates to the New Revolution, Orient Express, the Grand Old Carousel, and the Flags Store. The blue and white paint is stunning as you can see in these shots of the New Revolution and Tatsu.
Revolution Tatsu view

loop 2

The loop was originally painted blue, but got changed to a pure white color, which looks great! The blue strip on the outside is for the lighting package that will debut when The New Revolution opens.

revolution tatsu obs tower

brake run 2
lift hill underside

station 5

Revolution’s newly painted blue supports really do pop out! I wish that Tatsu could get painted while the park was focusing on the front section of the park, but it’s already great that Six Flags cares about a classic, popular coaster.  It will look amazing with bright red trains on it.
stunning blue and white against the foliage

The newly repainted brake run looks great.

revolution stairs

kids playing on new rev car

Kids enjoying their time at the park, waiting for the real trains.  In the background you can see the old stage has not been removed or updated.

New Rev station 2 carter

station 6

station 7

The station’s renovations have started a little bit, and new sharp black handrails have been installed.  There are no signs of the new trains yet.

workers on a Sunday          workers on a Sunday 3

workers on a Sunday 2


Six Flags is working hard to get the New Revolution open for us soon.  They even had folks working on Sunday.

The beautiful spring weather, bring a friend free day, and cheer leader competitions created an insanely busy day.  Waits for rides were over 2 hours.  The park has a capacity of 30,000 and they reached that by mid afternoon.  This is how bad the crowds were. In fact, Six Flags Magic Mountain had to close the parking lot off to people trying to come in around 3 pm.  Magic Mountain has added additional bring a friend free days in March to accommodate those who got turned away on Sunday.  The next one will be this weekend, Sunday March 6th. Additionally, BAFF days are on March 13th and March 20th.



The soda line

Here’s an idea of how busy the park was.  The staff members admitted they had not expected such large crowds today, and while not prepared, where doing a great job of accommodating the guest and taking care of us.  Thank you for all your work!

Orient Express enterance



orient express and Honda

Orient Express LIne

Orient express que

The Orient Express is up and running again, and thanks to the beautiful spring like weather and 30,000 guest at the park, there was actually a line to ride it. Apparently, it is being sponsored by Honda, as the logos on the side vividly announce.


carousel 1

carousel front 2

carousel front

The Grand Carousel is getting a major makeover, and it looks great!  Maybe the horses are being repainted too.  Looking forward to seeing them back on.

wood marked tree 1

wood marked tree 2

wood marked tree 3

wood pile


A little tree trimming seems to be planned.  These trees are along the walk way coming past Viper, and heading towards Katy’s Kettle and Tatsu.  The wood pile is along the fence near the Cyber Cafe.

sidewalk repairs

And some sidewalk repairs…………

flags store window 5

flags store windows 2

flags store windows

flagts store window 4

inside the Flags store

The Flags store is also closed for refurbishing.  Most of the windows are covered in black plastic, but we did get a few peaks inside.  I can’t wait to use my shopping pass in the newly remodeled store!

At this point I did not notice any signs of refurbishment for the Cyber Cafe or the little stage.

In other areas, I noticed that the Full Throttle Stage has been completely removed.  No signs of what is coming next yet.  However, I am happy to report that both trains are once again running on Full Throttle.  I also noticed misters in the queue for Goliath, I don’t remember those from before?

bat theatre doorbat theatre door 2
bat theatre

No, the Batman Theatre was not open, but the door was open just a crack.  The door was ajar, giving me an opportunity to stick my camera lens through for this shot.  I couldn’t get it on the camera, but there is equipment inside, and they are in fact removing the entire area.  As we all know, Aftermath was there for the final time during Fright Fest 2015.  I, for one, shall miss the maze, but am looking forward to what Six Flags has in mind for us in this area for 2017.

And please people, do not be trespassing at parks!

bat theatre outside

bat theatre outside 6

bat theatre outside 5

bat theatre outside 4

bat theatre outside 3

bat theatre outside 2

It is all just sitting there for now, in the middle of the park.  It is a pretty large area, and removal will take some time.

Speaking of time, that’s all for this time.

Have a Six Flags Day!

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