Six Flags Great Adventure The Joker Update #10

Here’s our 10th update on The Joker coming to Six Flags Great Adventure. This time, Vinny won a contest on the Great Adventure Connoisseurs Facebook group page to go on the construction tour held on Sunday, March 13th- which is how we were able to get you these awesome sweet shots. 

A couple of photos in this update were taken by James Cucinotta from Great Adventure History to replace some of the blurry shots we got.



The trains have arrived at the park. Also, do you see what else is going on when this picture was taken?

Photo: Great Adventure History

Photo: Great Adventure History

Here’s a close up of The Joker’s trains.



Here’s some of the advanced technology used to let The Joker do all of it’s crazy free spinning.


There’s a couple of pieces of track that needs to be installed. And you see Blackbeard’s over there? We’ll chat about Blackbeard’s in a second.



This is the last piece of lift hill track that needs to be installed. The ride will be completed by the end of this week. The Joker will start testing in 2 weeks, and will open Memorial Day Weekend.



See…. there’s only a tiny bit of track that needs to be installed left.



Here’s a look at one of the 90-degree raven turns. Looks pretty sweet!


This is what the loading station will look like.  Loading will be on two sides like Six Flags Fiesta Texas’s Batman: The Ride. The Ha Ha Ha sign that appeared in prior artwork will not happen.


The park insists the name change from Total Mayhem to Joker was last minute and not planned all along.


Thanks to the 2 cranes for helping construct the Joker.


Here’s a super close up shot of The Joker’s 120 feet lift hill.

Photo: Great Adventure History

Here’s the main operator booth for The Joker.

Photo: Great Adventure History

Here’s what remains of the old Aqua Theater.

So…. let’s talk about Blackbeard’s Long Lost Train. If you haven’t heard by now, the ride will be rethemed to Harley Quinn Crazy Train in anticipation for the ride’s new neighbor, The Joker.

Photo: Great Adventure History


The ride is getting repainted. Also, the sign above will get removed.

Photo: Great Adventure History

Photo: Great Adventure History

Here’s what the new paint job looks like. Kudos to Six Flags for bringing more Harley Quinns into their parks. Harley Quinn Crazy Train will NOT be open until mid-April.

Photo: Great Adventure History

This is what remains of the old Chiller station area. The park was very tight lipped about what would be occurring in this space in the future.

Photo: Great Adventure History

The Chiller’s queue line still remains after these 10 years on being not used.

We also were able to have a Q&A session with park president John Fitzegarld. We weren’t allowed to take photos and video- so here’s a quick rundown of what was said:

Photo: Great Adventure History

A new bar called Sky Bar will be opening next to SkyScreamer, pictured above. It is super, super, super small and will NOT be open opening day. It will have more coke freestyle machines! Another Go Fresh and the Villian’s Cafe will be the only food changes in the park.

  • Big Wheel will also not open with the park, it is still under rehab.
  • Panda Express is not being replaced with Chop Six. The lease is still active.
  • Two new shows in the park were revealed: “This Magic Moment” agic show will occur in the Seaport Adventure theater while “Wild Life Game” will occur in the Seafari theater.
  • Holiday in the Park exceeded the park projection of 200,000 guests. The outside vendor carts (Waffles and Empanadas) were last minute additions due to heavier crowds than expected.  The park will be better prepared in the food prep area this year. The participation of outside vendors is TBD for 2016.
  • When asked about old schools flats (was asked about a Wave Swinger and Enterprise) he said he liked them and opening Adventure Alley is a big success in his mind.
  • When questioned about Justice League and how having it would really help round out the park especially during Holiday In The Park, he didn’t want to talk about the subject itself but admitted he loved the ride.
  • Obviously the park has plans for the Batman and Robin area but he wouldn’t go beyond saying that.
  • John loves the transformation the park makes after dark during Fright Fest and Holiday In The Park and wishes he could find the magic bullet that works for Six Flags Great Adventure on summer nights. The Glow in the Dark parade was nice, but didn’t create enough interest to keep it back.
  • John did mention that there “is a plan” to pave the parking lot but he wouldn’t put a time frame on it.
  • John said that the park didn’t get Virutal Reality  because they are getting a new coaster in 2016, but wouldn’t rule it out in the near future.

A major thanks goes to Kristin Siebhencher, John Fitzegarld and Kaitlin Pitts for organizing this construction tour!

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