Six Flags Over Texas New Revolution Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Review


Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington TX  has recently released  one of the first of it’s kind state of the art Virtual Reality Experiences available in the US. They have taken their fan favorite Shockwave roller coaster and given it’s riders a whole new reality, Virtual Reality. The New Revolution Virtual Reality Roller Coaster has started previewing to the public as of last week. I got a chance to go to the Media Day event at the park . I loved Shockwave before I tried the VR, but this just took the roller coasting experience to a whole new level.

The Virtual Reality World that you view is actually you as a co-pilot. You start off in a hangar and as you ascend the lift hill your jet goes up an elevator shaft surrounded by several targets. The jet is equipped with a gun that you can use to shoot down the targets by pressing a button on the side of your head set. After reaching the top of the elevator shaft and the lift hill your gun gets blown away and you fly forward into an urban alien war field. Throughout the ride you are zooming in, out and, around buildings in the city scape dodging alien aircraft. As the train dips down on the roller coaster, your jet does too. The video ends as you successfully defeat the aliens and land back on your aircraft carrier. The video syncs perfectly with the layout out of the track, and you really forget that your are on a rollercoaster.


Let’s take a look at the some of the different parts of this incredible new attraction at Six Flags Over Texas.


The park has extended the Shockwave ride queue. You now enter the ride in front of the bumper cars.


They built several rows of switchbacks to hold the ancipated crowds this attraction will bring.

They have also put in a bright green cover over the queue to block some of the Texas sun and keep guests cool in the shade.


New landscape surrounds the ride queue.


After the switchbacks the queue follows the path up to the ramps of the preexisting Shockwave ride queue.



The park has added several things to the station to accommodate this new attraction.


The VR headsets by Oculus use Samsung phones to display the Virtual Reality video. At the front of the station they have added shelving and several electrical outlets to charge the phones.


Each shelf has a spot for each phone and a separate electrical outlet.


This cabinet will hold around around 80-100 phones. I was also told that the phones used are an upgraded version of what the park started to use.


At the back of the station, where the riders will enter from the queue ramp is where the headsets will be stored. At the first initial preview event the headsets were passed out from a rolling cart.


The park later built a whole closet compartment to house the headsets. The carts will still be used to help pass out the head sets to riders as the enter the station.


Big Brother is watching! I noticed they installed several additional security cameras in the station.


Each of the seats are now numbered. From what I was told, Seat 14 is going to be the flash pass seat.


This strip is how the track talks to the VR on board the train.  This strip is located in the portion of the track inside the station.



The Shockwave trains got additional stickers to the front of them displaying the New Revolution!


Each seat now has a sign on the back of it with a Six Flags QR code on it. This is used to Calibrate the headset before each ride.



Each QR Code is different for each seat. This means that if you sit in the back you get a different ride experience than the person in the middle or front of the train.


Each train has a box that talks to the sensors on the track. The wheel speed sensors tells the box where they are located in conjunction to the track and the story line.


The box sends out a signal to each of the headsets, keeping every rider perfectly synced with the ride.


The headsets are made by Oculus and they use the new Samsung phones.


Each headset has a chin strap, lanyard, and two head straps to secure them to your head.The inside is padded with anti-microbial leather. The ride operators will rotate the headsets to clean them after every train.


The park is currently using one train, The Blue one, for now. But they have started running the Red train and began getting it ready for use.


This is where all the magic happens. This is the temporary Virtual Reality Work Station. They used this station to monitor the videos and make sure everything stays in sync through out the day. This is also how they will be getting the red train ready for use.



The local media came out to check out the new ride experience. 

Here we have the lovely Sharon Parker and Tim Ciesco from Channel 5 getting ready to ride!



The Park stated they are looking into adding to this new attraction in the near future. They would like to add sound effect and possibly music. They are also working closely with the developer on making more story lines available for riders. This way you could choose what story line you wanted to watch while riding. They are even looking into bringing Festive options available during Fright Fest and Holiday In The Park.


The New Revolution Virtual Reality Roller Coaster has exceeded all my expectations. The park has once again scored another slam dunk with this amazing new attraction. The layout of Shockwave fits the story line perfectly. I thought the HD graphics were beautiful and the story line was very engaging. This attraction will be very successful and I’m glad that Six Flags Over Texas brought it to their park. I want to thank ACE for the opportunity to attend the Media Day Event. I also would like to thank Sharon Parker, Steven Martindale, and all other park management for their hard work and hospitality. This attraction is going to become a must ride for me, and I know other guests will love it too. The New Revolution Virtual Reality Roller Coaster really does change everything you thought you enjoyed about roller coasters! Get out and Ride it!

Comment below on your thoughts about this new VR technology Six Flags is bringing to their parks.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I am really excited that we will get the opportunity to ride a VR coaster soon at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Thank you Six Flags for taking the risk on this new technology, and Adam for a wonderful, detailed report on it.

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