Kings Dominion Delirium Media Day Report

Photo: Kings Dominion

Photo: Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion this year added Delirium, a Mondial Revolution Frisbee ride in place of Shockwave, the park’s old TOGO coaster which was closed in August 2015.

We were fortunate enough to be able to attend the media event on March 18th. Thanks to Jason for his thoughts, the photos and covering the event for us.


Delirium is a powerful, spinning pendulum on which 40 riders are strapped into their seats, facing outward on a giant ring. As their feet dangle, they begin slowly swinging back and forth while the ring starts to rotate. The ride quickly gains momentum and before they know it, riders are getting swirling views of Candy Apple Grove.

It starts off slowly rocking back and forth, the ride pick up momentum around the half way mark and doesn’t stop until you are hurtled 115 feet up into the air at 120 degrees. Going up backwards and being pulled down backwards is really fun because the rotation is fairly intense.

Here’s an on-ride video of Jason riding Delirium:

It is not a ride I can ride back to back. Kings Dominion General Manager Pat Jones said the first ride is the best, but the second one will get you, and it definetly did! She said that Delirium will offer a “new generation of thrills.”

Photo: Theme Park Central

Photo: Theme Park Central

Here’s a look at Delirium’s surrounding area.

In case anyone was wondering, Delirium is much, much better than Shockwave!


For lunch we had Bacon Burger Sliders, Chicken Waffle sandwiches, Red Velvet Fried Oreos, Pulled Pork tacos and more, all prepared by Kings Dominion’s awesome chef Paul Mahoney !

The ride area looks vary good with fresh pavers. Bad Apple, the park’s HUSS Troika got a paint job and a new lighting package. It’s going to look great at night!

Delirium is a great addition to Kings Dominion. I can’t wait to go back and ride it.

Here’s video of the opening ceremony (sorry for the bluriness!):

Thanks to Katelyn Sherwood, Pat Jones, Scott Clemmons,  and the rest of the team at Kings Dominion for a great day!

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