Carowinds Carolina Harbor Construction Tour 3/23/2016

In addition to today’s media event of Plants vs Zombies (which we will post more about later,) Carowinds also took us on the final construction tour of Carolina Harbor.

This is going to be quite short since the major stuff has already been covered, and the park is simply just trying to tweek things around for it’s launch on May 21, 2016.

1917522_1058359314224325_4990537735030133605_nHere’s a bunch of eager people ready to see the water park for one last time before we can splash in it!


Here’s a look at how the new water park entrance was looking like today. It was quite warm enough today that the guy on the right was wearing shorts. 🙂


Here’s what the exit of Carolina Harbor looks like. It’s nice to see 2 awesome B&Ms as you exit from the water park.


95% of Blackbeard’s Revenge is now done. They just need to make some final adjustments to it. The pump house and equipment that will supply the attraction with water are also nearly complete.


Here’s a side shot of Blackbeard’s Revenge’s slides. They sure do looks nice and colorful!



The restrooms next to the wave pool is 95% done. Concrete just needs to be poured around the bathrooms.


Here’s a look at the new wave pool- Surf Club Harbor. This is meant for those that want a more wilder experience. The existing wave pool, Tidal Wave Bay, is meant for those that want a more milder experience. The pump house is almost done.


The building’s structure is complete. The park will now start working on the exterior elements and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services.


Here’s a look at the newly renovated restrooms. Also, they will be renovating the bathroom area next to the new Seaside Splashworks attraction.


More facilities are being constructed for your enjoyment.


95% of Seaside Splashworks is done. Man, does it look great! The park is making final adjustments and adding the pump equipment.

Thanks to Laresa Thompson, John Taylor, Brad Marcy, Steve Jackson, and the rest of the crew at Carowinds for inviting and making today’s media event great. Thanks to Steve for being willing to take us on a construction tour of Carolina Harbor.

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