Carowinds Opens Up Plants vs Zombies to the World


On Wednesday, March 23rd, we were invited to experience Carowinds’s latest addition, Plants vs Zombies, an interactive motion theater based on the popular video game Plants vs Zombies.


The event started off with an opening ceremony. Here’s footage of it:

12871475_1058331904227066_4163964165614577988_nCarowinds took a great deal of time to theme this attraction. It just looks awesome.


More awesome themeing. 10377_1058334724226784_4050971879075032722_nThis is what the queue line looks like. The theming elements making the ride more interesting.

12241486_1058335490893374_550313247094781489_nYou even get a pre show before you take your epic battle.

Photo: Carowinds

Photo: Carowinds

Here’s a look at the seats. Players will mount up on one of the 68 motion-based seats, which rock forward and backward nearly eight degrees in each direction, all the while shooting from a hand-held laser device at a 14’6” x 26’ screen. 3-D glasses provide an enhanced reality and added effects for players. The stakes are high as the respective teams attempt to overtake their foes.

The minimum height for this attraction is 48 inches. However, you need to be able to straddle your feet onto the floor. There are also motionless seats available.


Here’s a look at the 2 screens. Readers will compete against each other. So far, the Zombies have won more times.

Photo: Carowinds

Photo: Carowinds

This is what one person’s perspective is when they experience Plants vs Zombies.

Review (by Jacob):

Plants vs Zombies is a great ride that takes you away from the thrills that Carowinds has. It’s fun, and something the whole family can enjoy. When I rode Plants vs Zombies, I honestly forgot what was going on the outside world, and just enjoyed this awesome experience. Although some people may have higher expectations for this attraction, they need to realize it’s just a video game you can shoot at for fun. There needs to be some kinks worked out, and Carowinds understand this. Hopefully, it’ll be a better attraction this summer. I really do recommend you check out Plants vs Zombies the next time you’re at Carowinds!
12310450_1058356280891295_6301079458057210445_n 1474626_1058356304224626_6966310589969257139_n

After you experience Plants vs Zombies, you entire the gift shop. It looks great.

Thanks to Laresa Thompson, John Taylor, Brad Marcy, and the rest of the crew at Carowinds for an AMAZING media event today. We can’t wait to be back in May for Carolina Harbor media day.

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