Six Flags Great Adventure The Joker Construction Update #11

Here’s our 11th update on The Joker, the new S&S 4D Free Spin coaster coming into Six Flags Great Adventure. 

*All photos in this update were taken from the sky ride and on the ground. No park policies were broken when these photos were taken on March 23rd, 2016. *



As you can see, The Joker has all but the final brake piece left installed. The final piece is sitting their on the bottom right hand corner in the 2nd photo.


Workers are busy making sure The Joker is safe for everyone to ride.

12516343_10156714143270615_1392304857_nThis is what The Joker looks like on the ground. It looks really nice and a great addition to the park’s entrance skyline.


Here’s a side shot of The Joker taken from the side. We wanted to take this picture to compare it to…

Photo: Six Flags

Batman: The Ride at Six flags Fiesta Texas, which was the first S&S 4D Free Spin coaster ever installed. The Joker definitely looks better!



Besides physical construction on The Joker, the queue line, electrical work, theming elements, and other items have yet to begin.

The Joker will definitely look great once it’s fully complete.



Also, Blackbeard’s Long Lost Treasure Train got repainted red and black and will be renamed into Harley Quinn Crazy Train in anticipation for it’s new big neighbor, The Joker. It definitely looks great. Harley Quinn Crazy Train will open sometime in April.

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