Lake Compounce Looking For It’s First Riders On Phobia Phear Coaster


March 29, 2016 – Starting today, Lake Compounce Family Theme Park is inviting guests to share their deepest, darkest phobias with park officials via Twelve terrified riders will be chosen to be the first to experience Phobia Phear Coaster on the park’s opening day, May 7th at 11am. The 12 chosen guests will be highlighted on the park’s social media pages starting May 1st along with their phobias. The general public is encouraged to attend this event on May 7th to watch the 12 brave riders and to then ride Phobia themselves.


Lake Compounce announced this innovative and record breaking rollercoaster in July of last year. Phobia features an inversion at 150 feet in the air—one of the highest in existence and the tallest in the Northeast.  Guests will experience speeds of 65 mile per hour with many exciting and unique elements including multiple launches, a twisting heart-line inversion, and ascending and descending twists.


This rollercoaster, manufactured by Premier Rides, is both technologically innovative and environmentally sound including the most advanced magnetic launch system and a highly innovative power modulation system that represents cutting-edge green technology. This Smart Energy System uses high-tech military grade hardware designed to dramatically reduce high-end power requirements in order to lower peak demands to the regional power grid.

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