Mt. Olympus Announces The Great Pool of Delphi For 2016


Mt. Olympus has announced that they will be expanding their popular water park in 2016, with an addition called The Great Pool of Delphi.

The expansion will cost $4 million and will have these features:

  • By Far The Largest Swimming Pool In Wisconsin Dells!
  • 4 Islands
  • 2 Beach Entrances
  • Cabanas
  • 100 Foot Geyser
  • Kids Splash Pad
  • Outdoor Lounge Pool
  • Over A Half A Million Gallons Of Water
  • 50 Foot High Waterfall
  • Room To Play For Over 2,000 People

Here’s plans for the attraction from Mt. Olympus’s website:


Photo: Mt. Olympus

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