The New Revolution: Six Flags Magic Mountain Media Day and Passholder Preview

Sorry about the fact that it look me super duper long to post this! Life got in the way before I could finally publish my review of The New Revolution. -Laurie

It was my privilege to be a guest at the Media Day opening for The New Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Friday, March 25th.  I also had a reservation and rode again at the first day of the passholder preview.

Media Day starts early in Southern California, 4:30am to be exact.  It was a beautiful, moonlit morning.  when they walked us in, there was already a lot of media trucks set up in the entry area for the ride.  It was dark, and they had us moving, so the pictures of that are not usable

moonlit Media Day MorningThis Changes Everything

The ACE group I was with was taken to the Chop Six patio to wait our turn, and enjoyed an early morning coffee while we were waiting to be called up into the station to ride the coaster.  It was well after sunrise before my group went up.  The wait was well worth it.

When you arrive in the station, you receive your VR goggles, and instructions that the ride crew will help you put them on.

cleaning the goggles 2 cleaning the googles

The goggles are cleaned after every usage.  They have straps over the center of your head, around the back, and under your chin, as well as a safety lanyard.  They are comfortable, but a bit heavy.

The ride experience is just plain fun.  You start out going up the lift hill, and what you are seeing in the VR world is a wall, with targets that you can shoot at by tapping the right side of your headgear.  At the top of the lift hill, where the coaster banks to the right, you lose your guns and are now flying through the war zone, trying to make it back to base.  The first time I rode the images seemed blurry, but I found out how to adjust the goggles by using the adjustment on the top of them.  The ride takes you through a war zone, where you narrowly miss collapsing buildings, dodge over and under various obstacles, and ultimately cruise over the water onto an aircraft carrier, where you land your aircraft, the brake run is the air craft carrier.  The graphics are well  synced to the VR, you can feel and see where you are going through your goggles.  I rode twice with the goggles, and again with out them.  What I found to be missing from the VR experience was sound.  The silence was a little strange, what with all the explosions and gun blast you see.

The ride is beautiful riding without the goggles, as the landscape is lush and green right now, and Six Flags has left the natural beauty of the area remain.

The new trains are very pretty, but what I am most impressed with is just how comfortable they are.  No more head banging on Revolution!  The high backs are molded beautifully, and the seats are deep, with lots of leg room.  The lap bars are small and padded, and do not fit so tightly as to prevent movement.  The trains were built at Magic Mountain, using the original chassis.    While only one train is currently in use, they have two, and will put both on line.  The improvements on the track have made the ride smooth, although the brake run is still a little rough.  I guess at age 40, TNR is entitled to have a quirk.

media trucks loop 1


loop 2


The media just kept coming.  I left at noon, and they were still doing the RPOV videos for press.  I was a little surprised that there was no opening ceremony, employees told me they thought there would be one, but they had no details.

The first Passholder preview day was another beautiful day.  My ride time was at 3pm, so I arrived a little before 3 and got in line.

passholder preview passholder check in


Passholders were required to show their season pass as well as their ride voucher, although when they were caught up a few people were allowed to ride without reservations.  The event was very well organized, and the wait would not have been long, had it not been for the brake run.  The nice thing about the area we were waiting in was the excellent view of TNR and Tatsu we enjoyed.loop around Tatsu train

TNR did go down for about 30 minutes on Saturday.  The engineers were checking the brake run and the control panel.checking the brake run 2 checking the break run

test runs 2


I rode with a guy I met while in line, and unfortunately for him, the goggles did not work for part of the ride.  However, he was allowed to ride again.

My concern for the VR system is that it seems very labor intensive.  The ride operators have to help each person with the goggles, then collect them afterwards, lug them back to the cleaning station, clean them, charge the phones, etc.  Hopefully, they will be able to do it efficiently when  they have full crowds.

The New Revolution First to Ride shirts are available to purchase in the exit line or at the new Six Flags Emporium for $12.00, while supplies last.

first rideThe New Revolution is another great example of bringing new life to an old favorite.  While it is not as impressive of a change as Colossus to Twisted Colossus was, the updates to the track, trains, and the addition of the VR goggles will insure the enjoyment of Revolution for future coaster enthusiast.  And, since there were no structural changes, the ACE Landmark designation remains in effect, and the plaque can be seen at the ride entrance.

Thanks to Sue Carpenter, Connie Lujan, ACE Rep Steve Berto, and everyone at ACE and Six Flags Magic Mountain for an awesome media day!

Next up…..The Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm.  Have a Six Flags Day!


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