ACE New England Great Nor’Easter Event 4/2/16 Trip Report

This weekend, the annual Great Nor’Easter event hosted by American Coaster Enthusiasts was held at Lake Compounce. Thanks to DJ, our New England correspondent and Instagram poster, for the photos and info.

The event started off with a bunch of presentations from New England area parks. We’ll post the presentatiosn on YouTube later tonight. The lightning wasn’t that great for photos. The videos were shaky, but if all you care about the audio, then you’re fine. Here’s a short summary of what was said by each park:

Six Flags New England

  • Superman: The Ride will open THIS Saturday, April 9th!
  • They are also adding a new family flat ride, Rockin in Rodeo, which is a SBF/VISA Traffic Jam. It will be open this Satuday
  • Fireball will be open to Gold Season Pass holders May 7th and 8th, all season pass holders May 14th and 15th, and to everyone on May 20th.
  • The VR experience on Superman will be open on June 11th!
  • The front and back rows on Superman are reserved for non-VR riders ONLY.
  • If you know someone 75 years old, bring them to Six Flags New England and they’ll give them some special treatment since it’s Thunderbolt’s 75th anniversary.

Lake Compounce

  • The pirate ship is getting a major overhaul, including including new paint, a new sign and new restraints.
  • Crocodile Cove, their water park, is receiving a new entrance and sign by Harborside Pizza only. The other two entrances will now be exits only.
  • The park is remodeling the womens changing room/ bathrooms in the waterpark.
  • SAM_2196
  • Wipeout is getting a full rehab
  • 20160402_155800
  • The track work on Wildcat is still on going and will not be ready for opening day. It also got new fencing.
  • A 6 feet high fence along the return run of Boulder Dash where the trolley runs

The Great Escape

  • The Comet, their wooden coaster, got sections retracked.
  • The park will be making the area around Greezed Lightnin’, their new for 2016 super loop, more vibrant
  • They will be renovating Charley’s Saloon and it will serve food and cocktails.

Funtown Splashtown USA

Nothing that noteworthy to report on.


Nothing that noteworthy to report on.


After all the presentations were over, guests were able to go into Lake Compounce to see Phobia Phear Coaster and other things, their new coaster for 2016. It is a Premier rides Sky Rocket II coaster. The minimum height is 52 with an adult, and 54 to ride alone.


Phobia Phear Coaster really towers over the park. This is the tallest ride at the park, at 150 feet.


Did the park order a little extra track?


It’s for Phobia’s sign. It’s nice to see that Lake Compounce is taking a little extra effort with Phobia’s sign and add some coaster track to it.


The sign got completed today. It looks really, really nice!


This is at the side of the building that houses the launch. It’s nice to see that the park took a little extra effort and put some extra signage.


Here’s the rider guideline sign. Perhaps the park should’ve added Phobia on the top? #justsayin


Here’s a close up of the rider guidelines.


More signs posted around. There’s more signs psoted around Phobia Phear Coaster listing some types of phobias.


Here’s the generators for Phobia’s launch.


This is what the inside looks like.


A little bit of a lime green coaster swoosh got installed. It looks really nice as well.


Here’s a close up of the non-inverting loop. These non-inverting looks are kinda wide.


A side shot of the non-inverting loop.


From this angle, the non-inverting loop actually looks like an inverting loop.


Here’s a look at the inline twist.



Here’s a shot shot of the main tower on the right side of the coaster. We’re going to get super close with Phobia soon.


The park put some gravel on the ground of Phobia. Perhaps some parks should take note on how to make a coaster look nice. cough cough Six Flags cough cough


Some of the crazy technology used to propel the train. It’s pretty crazy to see how much equipment needs to be used for such a small ride.


More crazy technology.


Here’s a look at the wheels of Phobia’s train.

Here’s a shot of Phobia’s train on tracks from Lake Compounce’s twitter:


The park covered up the train so it wouldn’t get damaged. Testing has yet to begin as they’re waiting for a part from Germany. However, they have a month before Lake Compounce opens for it’s 170th year of operation.


The station will be where the gray steel beams area. Phobia will have the longest queue line in the park.


Here’s a look at the launch track.


The park even made a Pink’s hot dog cardboard cutout outfitted with a Phobia train. This really shows how big of a deal this is for the park.

Here’s a couple of random shots taken:


The Ferris wheel looks kinda lonely, but it’ll be loaded this year with all the extra traffic from Phobia Phear Coaster.


Some freshly painted parts are waiting to be dried.

SAM_2253 SAM_2252

Boulder Dash looks so lonely in the off season.


The top of Wildcat’s lift hill.

12921185_192881361097763_231265572_n 12966677_192881867764379_1997035142_n 12966291_192882037764362_1256653840_n

Here’s a couple of blurry shots of what DJ got. He got a shirt from Lake Compounce, fresh off the press Six Flags New England 2016 maps, a Superman exit pass, a Superman cape, and more!

Thanks to Rus Ozana, the ACE New England representative, and the folks at Lake Compounce for hosting this awesome event. Lake Compounce has a bright future ahead! To learn more and join ACE, visit It’s an absolutely wonderful organization, and many of us here at Coaster Chit Chat are members of ACE. They host events at parks all over the country 12 months a year.

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