Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival Review

pie eating 2

Pie Eating Contest…….one of many family events featured at the annual Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is all about family fun, and annual Boysenberry Festival is a great example.  Great food, great entertainment, and family activities are the hallmarks of this event.  I was super impressed with the energy put into the activities by the staff and entertainers, and the delicious food. Although the event is now over, here’s a report on this year’s event.

The Food

boysenberry cotton candy

Boysenberry cotton candy, meatballs, sausages, the list goes on and on.  Over 70 boysenberry flavored foods were featured.  For $25.00 you could buy a sampling pass, good for 6 yummy treats throughout the park.  You got so much food,  I don’t think one person could eat it all, at least not in one day.

tasting card 2

Pass holder discounts were honored on this too!  The food was served at various venues throughout Ghost Town, some in the established restaurants, and some in  booths specially set up for this purpose.  Everything was great, hot and freshly prepared.

fried allegator bites

Fried Allegator Bites from Calico Fry Station

meatballs on grill

Boysenberry Meatballs

chicken wings

Boysenberry Chicken Wings

boy shortribs

Boysenberry Short Ribs and White Rice

boysenberry panetta

Boysenberry Panna Cotta with Almond Crumble

The Flauntas were great too, unfortunately the photo was too dark, as it was late before we got around to eating it.

The Wine and Beer

boy wine

Boysenberry Wine, at the Calico Saloon, (from Oregon)

wine tasting 2

Wine Tasting cheese and fruit plates

wine tasting 3

Wine Tasting

wine tasting

Wine Tasting

The boysenberry beer was refreshing and crisp, served in a nice sized glass in a cute little beer garden.  However, guest are free to take the beer and wine around the park.   The boysenberry wine was served at the Calico Saloon, and was really rich and sweet.  While you can not buy bottles of the wine at the park, it is available online .  Wine and beer tasting cards where also available, six tastings for $28 or so.  Pass holder discounts are not given on alcohol. 

Family Fun

Activities and entertainment were ongoing throughout the day.  In front of the Bird Cage Theatre, a different event took place every thirty minutes or so, presided over by the Mayor of Calico and his lovely wife, and a very energetic MC.

mayor and wife

The Mayor of Calico and his wife

Dueling Fiddles and Banjos featured two amazing talented muscians.  Grandpa’s Pajama Game was a team event.  The Mayor Says game, a take off on Simon Says, was a lot of fun.  The Berry Jug band is actually part of the Crazy Kirk show, and is really funny.  The Pie Walk was a highly contested event, and was hysterical to watch.  In the Barn, you could build your own boysenberry pie, (for a small fee).  All of the activities featured guest from the park, (except the dueling fiddles/banjos), and the people were obviously having a blast.

banjo players

Dueling Fiddles and Banjos

making pies

Build Your own Boysenberry Pie

By far, the most popular event of the day was the pie eating contest.  Contestants were each given a whole boysenberry pie to eat in this timed event, and yes, the prize was ANOTHER boysenberry pie, (and a blue ribbon.)  Check out these adorable little faces!

pie eating 3

                               pie eating 5 pie eating pie eating 6 (2)

pie eatencontest

After the contest……………..

winning pie

The Winning Pie………!

There was just too much going on to see it all in one day………there was Lucy’s Really Big Spring Show, the Peanuts Party in the Park, and Krazy Kirk to name just a few I missed.  I would highly recommend the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival as a great place for a family to spend quality time together.  And, when you’ve had your full of wholesome fun, there is always Silver Bullet and Xcelerator.


Xcelerator Ride Photo

By the way, the new My Fun Pix photo program, $39.99, is good for downloads of all ride, character, and front of the park photos all year.   Prints are only $5.00

Knott’s Berry Farm delivers again…………….can’t wait for Ghost Town Live.

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