Six Flags Magic Mountain Update 4/10/16

Magic Mountain was rather quiet this past weekend, most of the rides were walk on.  This provided me with plenty of time and space to take a good look around.

On the way in, I tried to get some shots through the fence at Hurricane Harbor, which is currently closed and scheduled to open Memorial Weekend.  It looks kinda sad in there right now, but I am confident they will be ready for summer next month.


The pools are empty.


New Lounge Chairs waiting for summer fun

water slide parts

water slide parts seen from Twisted Colossus queue line. They will be replacing some of the existing slides in the park, but have yet to be announced.


Inside the Park

white train

The New Revolution’s White Train waiting for it’s first run

Once I got into the park,, first up on my agenda was to take a look to see how operations were going at The New Revolution, and to check out the new white train for myself.  They were still doing reservations for ride times, but pass holders were being allowed to ride in between the people with reservations. There were quite a few people waiting, so I elected to come back later.  Later in the day, I did take a spin on TNR, and I still really like it.  The lack of sound effects is a little odd, but honestly that did not even occur to me until like the fourth time I rode it.


VR rules

Virtual Reality has rules

I asked ride operator Nichole if they had ran both trains yet, and she explained they were waiting for the white train to be inspected, which was scheduled for Monday.  At the time of this post, I don’t know the results of the inspection, but I am looking forward to seeing both trains on the track and in use soon.

sneak peak

The season pass holder sneak preview ends on April 17th, and The New Revolution opens to the public on April 21st.

I also finally got to see the loop lights.  At first I thought it just lit when the train went through the loop, but actually the continuously flash blue then red.  It wasn’t full dark yet, but none the less, the lights are really pretty.


Blue lights on the loop – The New Revolution

A Look Around, checking for new stuff

I took a leisurely walk around the park, up the hill stopping for a ride on Viper and Tatsu.  I skipped Apocalypse, but did get a little retail therapy at the Epic Rides Store, (2 shirts, 2  Tatsu hats, and a photo album for about $25.00, they have great deals there!)  I checked out Jet Stream, which is currently closed but being worked on.  I noticed a couple of employees who appeared to be working on the control panel.  Here’s a look:

DSCN5817 DSCN5818 DSCN5819


A look at the Old Batman Action Theatre

The demolition work continues, and now I noticed a few mysterious markers out there.  Also, it apparently is a quiet spot for employees to take a break.  Check it out:

bat theatre lunch area

Someone is enjoying the peace nirvana.

bat theatre 6

Some of the demlition stuff remains.

bat theatre 2

The facade is still there and kinda swampy.

bat theatre 1

Here’s a look at the inside of the facade.

AFtermath........was really scary

Someone left their sock as well….

duck theatre

Welcome to the duck theatre.

Mysterious Markers:  what do these mean……….

sidewalk to left of door

This is on the side walk about 20 feet in front and to the left of the main door to the theater

bat theatre mysterious markers 2

Saw several of these with the marks and pink paint, this one to the right and side of the main door

bat theatre 5

More pink makers.

bat theate mysterious markers 1

Another pink marker.

bat theate mysterious markers 3

This is inside the theater. It looks big enough for a coaster footer.

At this point, the conseus is either between a new coaster or a Justice League; Battle for Metropolis dark ride. Personally, I would love the dark ride, as it’s something unique to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and very Disney/Universal quality.

 Moving on:  Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is also currently closed and drained.  Here are some shots of the current state of the ride.  Note the markers for the water guns appear freshly painted.

Tidal Wave

This is what Tidal Wave’s entry looks like.

TW 2

Here’s some freshly painted targets

TW 1

Work being done on lift. With the fact that the park is seeing to do somewhat repair work to Tidal Wave makes it seem like the park won’t remove Tidal Wave, and instead do some major repair work to it. With the new possible attraction in the Batman Stunt Theatre, the park should just retheme Tidal Wave to Aquaman and make it all one giant area.

Kwerk will be returning to the park this summer.

We all know that unless there is a plan, Six Flags Magic Mountain tends to just leave old stuff sit, so I think there is something new coming for 2017, but the question is, what?  Send us your thoughts, and we will randomly select several folks to receive Tatsu Magnets and park maps.

Watch for my next trip report, on the ACE Day 2016 at the Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk, coming early next week.  Until then,


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