Frontier City Amusement Park Gunslinger Construction Tour 04/16/16

I recently attended an event at Frontier City Amusement Park in Oklahoma City, OK with ACE. The park invited us to a construction tour of their all new flat ride, Gunslinger. Gunslinger is a refurbished Zamperla Power Surge from Magic Springs in Arkansas, and is sure to thrill guests of all ages. The ride was originally scheduled to be open for this event, but was just slightly delayed by a week. The ride is now scheduled to open in the next couple of weeks as construction crews have just a few more parts to assemble.



Gunslinger is nearly complete, with just a few more parts to assemble.


The seats  and the seat chassis are being stored in the back section of the park.


The entire ride was refurbished and shipped to the park.  Every piece of the new ride received a fresh new coat of paint.


The new part of the ride are the restraints and actual seats. They are very comfortable and the use a very thick and sturdy rubber.


These are the new seats and the covers for the ride.


Some of the new light bulbs for the lighting package.


Each arm will hold four seats for a total of 24 riders.

IMG_0696 IMG_0698

Shipped directly from Zamperla


The boxes were filled with the new restraints.

IMG_0700 IMG_0703

I love Zamperla and their fantastic engineering.


A pile of support bars and seat belts.


On our way to the construction site of the ride.


Watch your step! This is an actual construction zone.


Gunslinger construction site.


ACE members filing into the construction site.


Michael Schwitek talking with ACE members about the Gunslinger construction.


Lots of Oklahoma red dirt!


Gunslinger motor.


Wiring and stuff.


More wiring and stuff.

IMG_0716 IMG_0715

Wires wating to be hooked up to the seat chassis


The main arm minus seat chassis.

IMG_0719 IMG_0720

Lights with and without covers on the ride.


Owwwww a control panel. What does this button do?


The ride is rather large. I love the large Star in the middle.


A new queue line was built to accommodate the crowds that will be flocking to ride the new Gunslinger.


This side of the old Nightmare roller coaster building was painted.


Look, more wiring!


I wish I had arms this big.


This area will be landscaped with flowers and grass.


This arm needs some light bulbs.


Some final bolts still need to be tightened.


The pond has been drained and a new pump enclosure was built.


With only a little more work to be done, soon this area will be filled with guests ready to flipped head over heals.


The park made this sculpture out of the old guns on the Yo-Yo they use to have in the park. The third gun is back in the grave yard.


Gunslinger looks great in this area of the park. I think it’s a fantastic addition to the line up of rides Frontier City has to offer guests.

I want to thank Michael Schwitek and the management of Frontier City for allowing ACE to go behind the scenes to get a closer look at the construction of this awesome thrill ride. The lights will look amazing at night, but the paint job and new colors make it look great in the day time also. This ride is scheduled to open within the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait to come back to Oklahoma City and ride it!

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2 Responses

  1. Laurie says:

    This looks like a fantastic ride. Great job on sharing the story with us Adam.

  2. Elias Mertens says:

    Looks great! This park has really been improving over these past couple years. And I’m so glad that they are repainted the Nightmare Mine building! Or at least that part that will be most visible. I really think at some point they would put a Mack or Maurer spinner in that building.

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