Lake Winnie To Add “Twister” This Year

Lake Winnie in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2016 will be adding Twister, a new Moster Rides Maverick flat ride.  The high intensity ride is certainly not for the faint of heart, as it will invert riders multiple times during the experience.

Photo: Lake Winnie

Photo: Lake Winnie

The attraction is described by the manufacturer as utilizing a gondola that “rotates around its longitudinal axis moved by the inertial spin due to the arms asynchronous rotation.”  Although it’s a tad bit complicated, it sounds like it’ll have a good number of inversions.

Twister will sit where their old Genie ride was. The park has promised it will return in 2017.
Lake Winnie has uploaded a video of the Twister in action, which really shows what the ride can do.  Check it out at this link.

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