Six Flags Over Georgia Asks YOU to Pick Out the Name for Ninja 2.0 + A Quick Ninja Update

Six Flags Over Georgia has been working on transforming their Vekoma looping coaster, Ninja into something more comfortable with new vests, track imporvements and a new blue and silver paint job.

This afternoon, the park released a video giving out an update on the Ninja 2.0 project along with some details:

(EDIT 4/21/16: The video got taken down, and the link to voting isn’t live yet.)

(EDIT: 4/23/16: For all Ninja new name info, click here.

From the park’s wording, it sounds like they purchased 2 Vekoma MK-1212 trains with softer vests, previously seen on Carolina Cobra at Carowinds and Sidewinder at Hersheypark, both Vekoma boomerangs. This is the first time a park has tried to use MK-1212 trains on a non-Boomerang looping coaster.

Photo: Coaster Critic

Here’s trains on the Carolina Cobra at Carowinds, from Coaster Critic.

The most interesting part is that the park is asking YOU to choose between 3 names as Ninja’s new name. The options are:

  • American Eagle
  • Blue Hawk
  • Air Commander

From these 3 names, American Eagle seems like the best option due to it’s location next to the Great American Scream Machine, one of the park’s wooden coasters and sounds decent enough.

The link to vote isn’t officially up, but we will update this post once the link is live.

Here’s some photos taken this past Saturday by Paul during the ACE Spring Fling event showing how progress on “Ninja” is going.


Even on a Saturday, people are still working on painting Ninja. It really does do look great in person.


Here’s an overall view of the paint job. It really does pop great now, and is greatly needed. The park is reporting that 70% of the paint job is done.

******* The next couple of photos were taken during the walk back tour offered during the ACE Spring Fling event. Do NOT go to an unrestricted areas during any regular park operating day, as that is against any park’s policy and could result in major penalties from law enforcement. *****


Here’s some unpainted red sections.


Here’s another unique angle of “Ninja.”


Here’s Ninja’s cars sitting in the park’s maintenance area. As mentioned above earlier, it seems like the “Ninja” will get 2 new trains in its entirety, instead of modifying vests onto the existing trains, although we could be wrong. The current trains have run 26 years now, on both the now defunct Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure and the Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia. There’s a time that coaster trains need major modifications to keep running to a park’s standards, and it seems like now is the best time to give Ninja some new trains or some rework of the existing ones.

Stay tuned for more updates (maybe?) and a review of the new Ninja once it reopens Memorial Day Weekend.

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