Six Flags Over Georgia DC Super Friends Construction Update 4/16/16


Here’s a construction update on DC Super Friends, one of two new kids areas coming to Six Flags Over Georgia this year. The other kids area, Bugs Bunny Boomtown, opened on March 12th. The park is shooting for a Memorial Day Weekend opening for DC Super Friends.


Here’s a look at construction as of April 16th, 2016. Things have changed quite a bit then, since Superman: Tower of Power, the drop tower, has now been installed.


Yesterday, Superman: Tower of Power got fully constructed, changing this picture quite a bit.


Here’s a look at Canyon Blaster making it’s transformation into the Joker Funhouse Coaster. Also, in the building to in the top area of this photo, the Harley Quinn Mirror Maze will be in it, giving the kids a fun and unique thing to do if they’re not interested in thrills.


Here’s the left side of the Joker since we couldn’t get it all fit into one photo.


Here’s a super nerdy shot of the Joker. It seriously looks great with green paint. I personally love the fact that Six Flags Over Georgia is painting 2 of their coasters this year.

Photo: Six Flags Over Georgia

Photo: Six Flags Over Georgia

Here’s a look at how DC Super Friends will end up looking like. Although some are concerned with the rate of construction, it shouldn’t take the park super long to construct this area.

Here’s video of the 2 new kids area in case you wanted to see it:

Let’s take a look at some of the rides for DC Super Friends. Paul was able to get these photos during the walk back tour during Saturday’s ACE event.

Do NOT go to any unrestricted area in a park ever without park personnel leading you. If you go with park personnel, you could face some serious legal issues! 



Here are the Batcopters. Little kids will surely enjoy the ride, and it’s a great themed ride in this little area of the park.


Here’s all the coaster enthuasists’s most anticipated ride- Wonder Woman Flight School. This will surely bring some extra folks to DC Super Friends, and is something all people would like.



Here’s a look at the inside of the tower for Superman: Tower of Power. Please note that it is fully constructed as of April 20th.


Here’s a look at the seats for Superman: Tower of Power. I have no clue who made it, but will let you know once I find it.

Thanks to Gene, Ben, Josh, Dale and the rest of the crew at Six Flags Over Georgia and ACE for letting us get these unique shots for this and our Ninja update.

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