Frontier City Graveyard Tour 04/16/16

I recently visited Frontier City Amusement Park in Oklahoma City, OK for the OklaCoaster ACE event. The park invited us to tour their Graveyard behind the park. The graveyard is where they store old rides, old vending machines, and their Fright Fest props. The Graveyard is located at the back of the park. See if you can spot any of your favorite rides that were taken out along with some rides and props from AstroWorld in Houston TX.

IMG_0775IMG_0776One of the three guns from the old Yo-Yo.
IMG_0779Recognize those trains? They are from Grease Lightning at Astro World.


I actually forgot what ride these vehicles came from. If you know, let us know in the comments below!


Those are the trains from the old Nightmare rollercoaster.


An old virtual reality motion ride.


This canoe was to be used in the Renegade Rapids ride.


These were the trains were from the old Treasure Mountain Dark Ride.


The seat belts still attached.


A closer look at the wheels on the carts.


The complete Nightmare Roller Coaster track.


The complete Nightmare Roller Coaster track.


The complete Nightmare Roller Coaster track.


We were told that somebody did recently inquire about purchasing the track. Keep your eyes out for this coaster to reappear soon!


The complete Nightmare Roller Coaster track.


This is a sign from the old Tomahawk Ride that was removed to put in Steel Lasso.


Restraints and seats for the Tomahawk Ride.


The old Tomahawk Ride.


Some of the old logs from the log flume ride.



Is that a cow laying in the grass?


Whoa! Old Animatronics from Astro World!


I heard they come alive at night in the Graveyard. Actually they don’t, but they look so life like.


Wait, who’s this?


“Help Me!” Nope! Lets get out of here!


But first, let me attempt to shoot this big ole gun.

That’s it for the Graveyard Tour. I know that several parks have these, and to learn about the history of some of the rides and attractions store here, is really interesting. I want to thank Frontier City for giving ACE a chance to go back “behind the scenes” and check out some of these old attractions.

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3 Responses

  1. Laurie Clavecilla says:

    Interesting information. What do they do with this stuff?

    • Elias Mertens says:

      Nothing. It just sits. And some of the cars/trains are used for parts. The picture where he said it was the old Grease Lightning train, it was actually an Arrow train and it was used on Lightning Loops before getting moved to Frontier City in 1993 and they got a new train. And the picture showing the “Nightmare Mine trains” actually shows the second train for the Silver Bullet. Both of the trains are used for their spare parts.

    • Dave says:

      As I learned during the February off-season tour, the park’s graveyard/boneyard adds value to the park. This is why they keep the defunct rides. They also use the rides whenever they need for spare parts to save on costs. I noticed some spare cars for Diamond Back when I was there that came from Indiana, and the park would use those accordingly.

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