SeaWorld San Antonio’s NEW Discovery Point Opens May 21st

SeaWorld® San Antonio’s NEW Discovery Point Opens on May 21


Largest Capital Investment in Park’s History Will Double the Size of Dolphin Habitat and Allow Guests Nose-to-Bottlenose Interaction – a First for Texas


(SAN ANTONIO, TX) April 26, 2016 – SeaWorld® San Antonio today announced the official opening date of Discovery Point, the only interactive dolphin experience in the state of Texas, and a revolutionary new area of the park that will double the size of the existing dolphin habitat. Discovery Point will officially open to the public on Saturday, May 21, and is the largest single capital investment in the park’s 27-year history.


“Discovery Point underscores our mission of experiences that matter.  Our guests will see the wonder and majesty of dolphins and other marine animals, connecting with them in new ways to create a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting these amazing animals and their ocean habitat,” said Chris Bellows, SeaWorld San Antonio Vice President of Zoological Operations. “We will bring the experience from our world-famous Discovery Cove facility to our guests in Texas.  We’ve learned over the years, that our dolphins enjoy these interactions as much as our guests – these nose-to-bottlenose interactions create even more opportunities for these curious animals to connect, exercise and play with novel new situations.”


Modeled after the company’s top-rated Discovery Cove® park in Orlando, Texas Discovery Point will transport guests to a lush, tropical setting that will connect to the park’s newly renovated shark, fish and coral reef aquarium known as Explorer’s Reef. Discovery Point will also become a hub for the park’s existing sea lion and beluga whale interaction programs. SeaWorld is one of few places in the United States that offers the opportunity to swim with these species.


Discovery Point will also feature the park’s first underwater viewing area where guests will have the opportunity to watch dolphins swimming and playing in a new way, through a floor-to-ceiling, panoramic underwater view.


“As a world leader in animal care, we are evolving our habitats for these magnificent creatures and also revolutionizing the way our guests learn about marine animals and ocean conservation,” said Carl Lum SeaWorld San Antonio President. “Now, more than ever, we’re creating experiences that can inspire guests and change minds, hearts and lives forever.”

During the new dolphin swim experience, guests will interact with bottlenose dolphins while learning about dolphin behavior and communication, as well as SeaWorld’s ongoing local and worldwide dolphin research and rescue efforts. After a brief classroom presentation, guests will change into SeaWorld-provided wetsuits and wade into Dolphin Lagoon to meet the animals for a swim with SeaWorld’s expert trainers.


Paid reservations must be made for this program, and participants  must  be  at  least  6  years  old  to  swim  with  dolphins.  Children ages 6 to 12 must be accompanied by a paying adult who is also participating in the dolphin swim experience. Prices range from $125 to $155 per person.


To learn more about Discovery Point and reserve your swim, please visit, and be sure to follow SeaWorld on Facebook or @SeaWorld on Twitter and Instagram @SeaWorldTexas, using #MoreToSea for exciting updates.

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