Six Flags Magic Mountain Update 4/24/2016

Sunday, April 24th was a cloudy and windy day at my home in Santa Barbara, CA so I was expecting more of the same at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  When I arrived in Valencia, about 1 p.m., the clouds lifted, and the day was sunny, warm, and, at the risk of sounding corny, my day at Magic Mountain was, well, magical.

Team Magic

My first observation was at the parking entrance of the T-shirts the staff was wearing.  The Team Magic 85 shirts were being worn by the staff in honor of their winning the customer service award for all of the Six Flags parks.  This award was based on the member surveys you get in your email after a park visit, so yes, Six Flags pays attention to them.  The employees looked great in their shirts, and it was obvious they were proud of the achievement.  I made a point of congratulating the staff.

At Hurricane Harbor, peeks through the fence reveal that they haven’t really started getting ready for summer yet.  However, there are more slide parts sitting outside Twisted Colossus.

At the Full Throttle plaza area the stage is currently being rebuilt for Grad Nights and the summer season.  Look for the Full Throttle Plaza to be the center of another great season of hot summer nights.


FT stage

FT inside

FT outside

I went to the park on a mission: to ride Green Lantern First Flight and frankly get it over with.  Every single person I ever asked had told me I wouldn’t like it, so I approached this mission with trepidation.  But first, I wanted lunch so I headed to  Food Etc. for a Carne Asada Salad, (one of the many options available on the season dining pass.)  While I was there,  a magician came and set up to do card tricks and make balloon animals, which he was giving away. He was very friendly and made me this cute little unicorn.

Magician at Food Etc. providing entertainment and free Balloon Animals

So now, the time had come, and I headed over to DC Universe for my date with the Green Lantern .  I was not looking forward to my flight on Green Lantern First Flight a 2011 Intamin 4th Dimension Zacspin.  It is 107 feet high, 825 feet long, and only goes at 37 miles per hour.  It is listed as having no inversions, so it sounds like a kiddie ride, right?  No, not so much!

green lantern cover shot

I decided to start out by taking some photos of the ride and the surrounding area.  I watched the ride for several circuits, and listened to the shrieking.  I thought about it, and decided to go with my own first impression of the ride, and that was it looked amazing.  But the doubts had been planted by folks I talked to about the ride, so I was still nervous.  Soon, I discovered the Single Rider line and decided to just suck it up and jump on.  The single rider entrance afforded me a great opportunity to see the control panel for the ride.  Sorry, no photos as the camera was packed away so I could ride.

I am pretty short, and the seats on the ride are pretty high.  Apparently, I am not the only person who found getting on the seats a challenge, and the Six flags staff quickly presented a low stool, which solved the problem.  Soon I was seated next to a nice young man, facing the mountains and ready to go.   The shoulder harness was really well padded I noticed.  As the car went up the lift hill, I was asking myself what am I doing and my new friend Aaron was saying things like “what is happening?”………………but what I was doing and what was happening is that we were soaring above the park, enjoying a great view of the mountains for a few moments before the action began.  And yes, it flips around, but the pain I heard about just didn’t happen, it was, well, FUN and was really short.  Soon we were back on earth, and I had a new friend.  Life lesson learned, trust your own instincts as to what is right for you!

green lantern entry

After my Green Lantern adventure, I back tracked to the Steam Punk District to enjoy the thrills of Twisted Colossus and Scream!  The timing on TC was impeccable, the staff has it down now, and I actually was racing with the other train on both the blue and green tracks!  Scream! is just a winner every time.


scream 2

A quick spin on Batman got me ready for a tour of the old Batman Action Theatre.  Six Flags has fenced off a good deal of the area, but I still found a few places to get photos without going into restricted areas.  The clearing seems to be continuing, and there is still equipment in the area, as well as a white pickup truck.

white pickup

This white pickup truck has been in the same spot for weeks. Maybe it is left over from Aftermath.

You can see the area well from Riddler’s Revenge too, and as it has a single rider line, it was quick to get on.  I spotted a few more mysterious markings on my walk around.

markings 3

markings 2


They are currently setting up a stage for the upcoming grad nights in the area.

grad night prep

In the midway I found this sign explaining the new game play pass.

game play pass

These spring days are a gift from Six Flags….the park is not crowded, and the waits for even the most popular rides are relatively short.  It was great to see folks out enjoying the sun.

batman bootie

Continuing my tour around the park,  I got on Tatsu in about 30 minutes.  I did hear folks saying that the wait for X2 were pretty long.


I noticed the restroom across from Katy’s Kettle is closed for remodeling, thank you Six Flags;)   I continued back down the hill, stopping for dinner at Chop Six before heading to the New Revolution to check out operations now that it is open to all park guest.


What a great fortune cookie saying……….

I had wanted to ride The New Revolution without the VR goggles for a few reasons.  One, I wanted to check out the pretty wooded area the ride goes through.  Secondly I wanted to observe the folks riding and the staff working.  And, since it was dusk, I wanted to see what the lights in the loop looked like when you go through it.

The ride was down when I got there, and actually was down for about an hour.  There was an issue with the train stopping in the exact correct spot in the station.

tnr both trains down

Both trains on the track outside the station while mechanics worked on the issue with the train stopping in the correct spot inside the station.

tnr test runs

test runs………

Eventually, operations were restored, and I was able to ride in the first row with a cute little boy, who, at age 11 could not use the VR goggles.  I found out that the front row does not have VR, and since almost everyone wanted to use the VR, it was available.  The guy behind us was having a great time with the VR, and I was able to tell him what was coming up next, as I have ridden with the VR like 5 times.  The VR is really well synced to the ride, which I really discovered when I was telling the guy what to expect and he was like yeah, yeah, wow look at that!  The eleven year old boy I was riding with was saying how great the ride is without the VR.  He and I were speculating that by the time he is old enough to ride with VR goggles, maybe they will have sound added to the VR coaster experience.  The old coaster is a beautiful ride through the woods, although you really can’t see the lights when you go through the loop.

After my ride, I checked out the loop lights.  They change from red to white to blue continuously, and flash the three colors when the train goes through the loop sequentially.  Unfortunately the segment to the right of the center was malfunctioning.  None the less, it is a beautiful display.

loop lights

I finished my magical day on the mountain by checking out the new touch screen map, fountain and the lights on TNR.  The park is beautiful at night, and I can’t wait for the Full Throttle summer nights.

touch screen map

Touch screen map and game, located outside the Emporium in the Flags Plaza

fountain lights

team magic 3 tnr

The warm spring day, the extra little touches of great customer service, and the friendly fellow enthusiast I met made the day special.  Thank you Team Magic 85 for a magical day!


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