Six Flags Over Texas 2016 New Rides Construction Update #2

We recently received some construction photos from a reader from Six Flags Over Texas. The one whole side of Gotham City Area right past Johnny Rockets has been fenced off. The Johnny Rockets is being remodeled with more seating and a bigger kitchen. This is a great move for the park as this area is guaranteed to have more traffic with the addition of the new rides. This will also allow them to feed more visitors. We are also being told that this area will be getting some additional themeing along with the new rides.


Photo Credit Joseph Jirik

Here is a shot from the Texas Sky Screamer queue. We can see the layout of the new Gotham area. There is also as new Coke stand in the back ground next to Catwoman Whip. The Harley Quinn Spinsanity has been repainted and all the cars have been installed. The Catwoman looks to be completely installed.


Photo Credit Joseph Jirik

Here is a closer shot of Catwoman Whip. It looks like the logo is just needing to be install, but the lighting package looks like its going to be awesome.


Photo Credit Joseph Jirik

The bottom section of Riddler Revenge is now installed. It has been reported that it also has power and is testing it’s light package. We will see if we can get some video of it soon.


Photo Credit Joseph Jirik

Here from Judge Roy Scream we can see that Catwomen Whip has started some testing. This is going to be a thrilling ride. We can’t wait to ride it!

The opening date has not been set yet for these new rides, but we can assume that they will be opening around Memorial Day. We will attempt to get some video of the testing of the new rides along with some nighttime video of the new lighting packages. Thanks for checking this update out!

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