Kentucky Kingdom’s Storm Chaser is Now Open!


Yesterday was media day for Kentucky Kingdom’s new Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) coaster. Jason was able to send us the following photos.


Ed Hart, owner of Kentucky Kingdom, speaks to the media.


Here’s a look at Storm Chaser’s sign. It’s simple, but looks nice.


Here’s a look at the lift hill and drop with a visitor. 🙂


Dan from Mako Madness is in the 4th row! Hi Dan! 🙂


Here’s a picture of people enjoying Storm Chaser a LOT!


Here’s Jason’s review of Storm Chaser:

 Storm Chaser is a big time coaster in a small package the fits perfectly in a small park. It has speed and airtime galore. In fact I think you are out of your seat more than in it. It is smooth as glass and offers the elements the coaster enthusiasts look for. Barrel rolls, over bank turns, hills along with many other elements No longer is Kentucky Kingdom a small park with small rides that no one wants to ride. The park now has a 1 – 2 punch with Lightning Run and Storm Chaser. This will start to be a become a park the families and enthusiasts want to hit in their trips to other larger regional parks. With the reinvestment in the park these last 3 years, the future is certainly looking bright for Kentucky Kingdom.

Thanks to Jason for the photos.

If you already haven’t seen this, here’s Upstop Media’s AWESOME POV of Storm Chaser:

Here’s a nighttime POV of Storm Chaser. Night rides are sure going to be epic!

Here’s some awesome testing footage of Storm Chaser:

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