Santa Barbara Fair and Expo at the Earl Warren Fairgrounds…….Santa Barbara, CA

The Santa Barbara Fair and Expo is in town this weekend at the Earl Warren Fairgrounds, in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.  Featured are exhibits from local 4-H Clubs, Pig Races, lots of decadent, delicious foods and of course, the rides, provided by Butler Amusements.


Pole Position, a wild mouse style coaster, features two lift hills, and colorful cars for 4 people.


Foot Loose is one of 30 plus rides at the fairgrounds this weekend.  It was quite a thrill.  The ride features shoulder harnesses that are closed by the operators with a single push of a button, eliminating the need to manually check each rider’s harness.  The swinging pendulum ride provides amazing airtime at the top of each swing, as the harnesses do not fit that snuggly to the shoulders.

crazy train cover shot

The Crazy Train is different from any flat ride I have ever experienced.  The train goes around the inside of the oval, while the entire oval rotates on its axises.  My friends and I, all coworkers from the Rancho Oso Guest Ranch, all hopped in and prepared to ride.

crazy group

Karen, Laurie, (me), Sarah and Sean before our Crazy Train adventure.

crazy train sarah

Loaded and locked in.  The cars interiors are surrounded by padding, (with duct tape reinforcement.)  It was pretty tight inside the cars.  Unfortunately, the front windshields are oxidized, because the views of the brightly lit fairgrounds would have been awesome.

The ride is just, well, CRAZY.  You are spinning in all directions at the same time.  The sensations were kinda intense, but it was a thrilling ride.   I was riding with Karen, who was frankly flipping out, until, for a brief moment, I think she actually blacked out.  I could hear Sean and Sarah in the car behind me, and they were having a blast.  It was cool to be able to talk to the people in my party during the ride.

Poor Karen, I don’t think she had much fun.  Sean helped her off the train, and it took her a minute to gather herself.

crazy spun

Karen made her way off the train, and recovered from her ride .

crazy train spun out

The fair featured many other fun family events including pig races, farm animal displays and amazing food.

bacon wrapped dogs

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs on the Grill



The goats were so cute. Many breeds of goats are on display, as well as milking demos, and handler demonstrations.

The Fair continues until 9p.m this evening and the carnival until 10pm  Go to

Santa Barbara Fair and Expo

for more information and ticket prices, (which are quite reasonable.)

The Santa Barbara Fair and Expo is a great family event, and a great way for co-workers to spend a pleasant spring evening together.  Thanks Sarah, Sean, and Karen for joining me for this fun night out.



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