Six Flags Hurricane Harbor shows signs of getting ready for opening day


Hi, Laurie here with a little report from this past Monday.  I visited Six Flags Magic Mountain and while I was there I spent some time looking around for signs of progress for the opening day for Hurricane Harbor, scheduled for May 27th.   Stacks of lounge chairs can be seen through the fencing, waiting for hot summer days.

hh stacked chairs

hh workers

The pools are still drained.  However, there are workers moving around inside the park.

hh worker 1

A bright coat of fresh paint.

As you may have been hearing, there are piles of slide pieces visible from the parking lot, near Twisted Colossus.  I have several shots of them.  They are bright green and blue, with orange and yellow support pieces.

hh slide pieces blue two town assembled

hh slide pieces blue open endshh slide pieces blue with endhh slide pieces green assembledhh slide pieces green open endhh slide pieces green 2hh slide pieces green 1


hh slide pieces braces

These slide parts have been the subject of a lot of speculation.  They seem to me to be pieces for children’s slides, as they are relatively small.  Personally, I think they are replacement parts, as opposed to pieces for a new slide.  It just seems to me that if there was a new slide coming, Six Flags would be advertising it.  But we at Coaster Chit Chat want to know, what do you think?  Please share and comment your thoughts, and we will do a random drawing for a Tatsu magnet.

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