Islands of Adventure – Skull Island: Reign of Kong – NEARLY COMPLETE!

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Let’s start with one of the most mysterious of the several heavily anticipated attractions within the area opening this summer – the return of the big ape, King King himself, to the Universal Studios Orlando Resort!

I have been going to Islands of Adventure (Universal Studios Orlando’s second park, also know as the acronym IOA) for a long time now. I can still remember when the “Dragons” used to ‘Duel” in the Lost Continent way before Harry Potter took the theme park industry by storm. I can also remember a time when the Jurasic Park “island” had two gates, allowing us safe passage into and out of the land, while keeping those pesky dinos in! I also remember last year when the south gate (connected to the Toon Lagoon “island”) was taken out abruptly, which created massive speculation in Jurassic Park fanatics. Was the Jurassic Park section expanding?

Well, Universal sure did take their time in letting us know! If i remember correctly, it was roughly two months after they took down the south gate to Jurassic Pakong_entry1rk and cleared the dense vegetation in the area before they hinted on what was to come! As they started building the massive show building the new attraction was presumed to accommodate, Universal released some concept of the return of King Kong!


As the months flew by, Universal’s construction companies and workers looked like busy ants building up their resort. Universal has been aggressively improving and expanding in the past couple years, busy at work with construction of two new Hotels, a completely new water park, a new Harry Potter land in the studios park, improvement to City Walk, the Construction Skull Island the Reign of Kong at IOA, and re-tracking the beloved Hulk roller coaster at IOA as well (which will be opening “roaring back to life – summer 2016!”). The resort is also now starting construction on two more all new attractions to the studios park – Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Need For Speed: Supercharged.

Now that’s a lot of construction!

It is hard to believe how fast Universal Studios builds. Just a couple months ago, Skull Island Reign of Kong was just a few piles of dirt and a large empty building but as you can see below in the photos I took during my trip to the park today… it has come a long way!

20160508_095337 (3)

20160508_095433 (2)

20160508_095416 (2)

As you could probably tell, Universal has paid extremely close attention to detail in replicating their concept arts for the attraction! It is something rarely seen in today’s theme park industry.

It looks absolutely stunning, but nobody is quite clear on what exactly the ride will have in store for guests. What we do know is the ride vehicles are massive, holding 72 guests per vehicle at 40 feet long, it will be Universal Orlando’s first trackless ride system, there will be numerous animatronics, and the ride will be completely immersive of course.

If you are interested in a few things that will be going on from Universal themselves, check out Universal Orlando’s YouTube account here. But be warned; they are tightly holding on to the best secrets of the attraction!

They have also been posting video updates and the “Making of Skull Island: Reign of Kong” video series on YouTube … check out the “story” edition here

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What do you think the ride will have in store for us? We sure are excited to find out!

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Concept Art Photos Courtesy of:
Universal Creative Concept Art

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