Six Flags Over Texas 2016 New Rides Construction Update #4

This past Mother’s Day I went out to Six Flags Over Texas to get an construction update. I heard that they had taken the wood fence down and I also heard that Johnny Rockets was now open. So the information I received was in fact true.  Here’s whats going on in the Gotham City expansion.


First off, lets check out the newly remodeled Johnny Rockets. The outside seems to have gotten some new paint. The trim is looking very “Gotham like” with the navy blue.


Over the entrance to the restaurant they have put in a “New For 2016” sign, and just in case you didn’t know, it’s open! Let’s go inside.


Inside, they have installed new railings for the queue. They have also put in new screens for menu items and advertisements.


The new line system and cash registers look like they are expecting a lot more traffic. The whole restaurant looks great inside.


Moving outside, the park has taken down the preexisting wooden fence and added a chain link fence where the original fence was. That allows curious on lookers, like myself, a closer view of the new rides.


Catwoman Whip is looking awesome! I can’t wait to ride it!

IMG_0894 The outside of the control booth has gotten a fresh coat of primer, and it looks like it’s about to get its forever colors. The color matches the colors on the ride.

On the other side they have finished up some pavement work, but the new sign has not been installed yet.

There looks to be some additional metal work being put up for some sun shade over the queue line.

Over to Riddler Revenge pavement work has also been done over here. Testing has been happening quite a bit lately.

Linda Freeman, a Coaster Chit Chat fan, got this video of Riddler Revenge testing on Friday, May 6th:


The loading platform has been installed at the base of the ride. I can’t exactly tell where the new sign will be put as of yet, but we will keep you posted.



I’m still not sure exactly what this building is. It looks like it too is getting some paint. The purple and green look great!


On the other side of the ride it looks like a shade structure has been erected.


I’ve noticed several new lamp posts put in in the area and its really starting to look great. I can’t wait to to see the finally project. Along with new lamp post I also heard some new Gotham City music playing in the area. Check out the video below.


This new expansion project is propelling forward quickly, so we should get an opening date very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are shooting for a Memorial Day Weekend opening date. The themeing is going up very quickly and with as much testing as they’ve are doing on the new rides I don’t think we will be waiting much longer to soar and spin on these new rides!


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