Apocalypse The Ride: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Last Woodie

Hey, happy hump day.  This week’s edition of Wooden Coaster Wednesday features Six Flags Magic Mountain’s only remaining woodie, Apocalypse The Ride.  Think about that for a second, Magic Mountain boast 18 coasters, and only one of those is a woodie.

Originally named Terminator Salvation The Ride and built in 2009, Apocalypse is a younger sister to Discovery Kingdom’s now transformed coaster Roar!, (1999) and Roar at Six Flags America, (1998).  Click here to see the article written by the American Coaster Enthusuasts when the ride debuted.


Apocalypse The Ride was built by Great Coasters International Inc., (who also gave us Gold Striker at California’s Great America in 2013 and are currently doing the refurbishment on Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm).  Apocalypse is a classic woodie, fast, thrilling and just a bit on the rough side.

apocalypse the ride entry

Situated near the back of the park, near the Sling Shot and the discount store Epic Rides, you would expect that Apocalypse would not be all that busy.  However, I have never found that to be the case.  On a recent visit to it, (Monday, 5/2) it was the longest wait I had for a ride all day.  One of the trains was off line for maintenance.  The ride operator made a point of being sure everyone was informed of the reason for the wait, and made the loading process fun, spending time with a large group from Arizona to great them and welcome them to Magic Mountain.  He did a great job!

Let’s take a look at the stats on this wooden beauty.  The coaster is 95 feet tall, 2877 feet long, and goes at a max speed of 50.1 mph.  There are two Millenium Flyer trains, as Gold Striker has.  The older GCII coasters have GCII or PTC trains.  The coaster’s design is lovely, featuring this fan shaped support system, and long, sweeping banked curves.apocalypse fan shaped supports 2

apcalypse track 2

The coaster originally featured both pyrotechnic and sound effects, but those have been discontinued.  The que lines feature both outdoor and indoor décor, including video telling the story of impending doom.


apocalypse entry 2

apocalypse jeep

Here is a short video of this wooden beast in action.  The ride experience is exciting, but it is not a scared out of your wits kind of ride.  You may see that there are some fire effects in the POV CoasterForce has, but they rarely work these days.

Here’s my video of the ride launch.

The design and décor of this coaster lend itself beautifully to the conversion into a maze during Magic Mountain’s annual Fright Fest.  Be sure to check out Apocalypse The Ride next time you visit Six Flags Magic Mountain.

That’s if for the Wood Coaster Wednesday.  Check back next week for another in depth look at a wooden wonder!  Thanks for being a fan……Laurie and the Coaster Chit Chat Crew

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