Lake Compounce Phobia Phear Coaster Review

DJ here.  On Friday, May 6th, I attended Phobia Phear Coaster’s media day at Lake

Phobia is a Premier Sky Rocket 2 coaster. This is Premier’s 5th Sky Rocket 2 installation. However something that makes this one special is the way that it stores energy to reduce costs.

phobia power.jpg

Energy storage building

Phobia is themed to different phobias and phears (fears). This coaster is located in the former Enterprise spot. Here is a little review about this coaster. It’s first launch isn’t too fast as its getting you ready for what’s to come. The second launch is very good as you get a pretty cool view of the park backwards. Lastly the third and final launch that catapults you to a height of 150 ft were you will experience the tallest inversion in the northeast. Phobia’s 150 foot inversion is absolutely amazing it gives you a great view of the park and gives you plenty of hang time.


Phobia right after going true its 150ft inversion

After the breathtaking 150 foot inversion you will go into a non inverting loop that is bound to keep you out of your seat. Soon after the non-inverting loop you will come to stop.

no loop

Non-inverting loop


Overview of  Phobia

Here’s a POV of Phobia:

This coaster fits very well at the park and is a great addition. Overall I really enjoyed this attraction and in my opinion it is one of the best coasters in New England.


Phobia behind Rev-O-Lution, the park’s Zamperla Disk’O

I would like to congratulate Lake Compounce and Premier Rides on the additional of this ride they really did a great job. Also a big thanks to Sarah Friars,Jerry Brick and the team over at Lake Compounce for this opportunity.

If you are ever in the New England area don’t forget to stop by Lake Compounce to check out this wonderful coaster, the park’s awesome wooden coaster- Boulder Dash, and the charm of this park.

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