Six Flags Over Texas 2016 New Rides Construction Update #5

Hey Coaster Chit Chat fans. I hope you all are having an awesome weekend. I stopped by Six Flags Over Texas after work last night and got some updated pictures from the new Gotham City Area.

The official opening date for the 3 new rides in Gotham City is May 28th.

Let’s jump over to the rides!


Lets start with Harley Quinn SpinSanity where I saw a gentleman working on the ride.


I came up to the ride as they were working on it. They painted the back area of the ride. This worker was also installing seats in the cars.


The paint job looks great on the cars. The seats have also been installed inside the cars.


The front logo has also been placed. It looks awesome! I can’t wait to ride.


This back part of the ride was being painted. I’ll be curious to see if they add any additional themeing or pictures to this to back drop the ride.


Moving over to CatWoman Whip it looks like more of the concrete work has been completed. I’m guessing these water fountains will be left. If you remember the fence us to be just on the other side of these fountains. The flags are mostly here sprinlers will go as I’m sure this area will be sodded with grass and or maybe some plants.


The control room for Catwoman Whip has been painted to match the colors of the ride. I love the colors!


It looks like some more work needs to be done inside of the control room, and it looks like the glass need to be installed in the window.


Still no sign on the ride, but it looks like it will go up any day now. The sun shade supports are in place and will be instlled any day now too.


Speaking of signage, check out Riddler Revenge’s new sign! The main marque has been installed and additional question marks have been installed on the fence surrounding the ride.

Also I have mention that this ride is going to look amazing at night! This whole area will light up like a carnival.


Here’s a closer look at the Villanous Signage of Riddler Revenge! Riddle me this, will there be more question marks going in?


I still have no idea what this structure will be, but it has been painted partially. There are also some addition structures being installed for shade.


A lot of concrete work has been tied up also. Like the planters for the trees.

IMG_0934I can imagine, with there being a plug installed here, that there is going to be Christmas lights added to this tree during Holiday In The Park.


It looks like they have moved over to the landscaping phase of construction. Here they will be putting in some additional tress around the CatWoman Whip. This should help with the heat during the hot Texas Summer.


I noticed they put in a new fence in the back of this area. This the fence splitting the new Gotham area with the parking lot to the old strip mall behind Batman.


More tress have been added to the back slope.


It also looks like there has been some additional rock work. Over all it looks fantastic!


I was hoping to get some light testing of the new rides on video, but was unable to. But I did notice that Harley Quinn Had her lights on! Like I said before, this whole area will be beautiful at night. I can’t wait to see it!


So let me know in the comments, are you brave enough to take on these new villains invading Gotham City?



We’ll have a review of these new rides very, very, very soon!
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  1. Laurie Clavecilla says:

    this area looks like it will be exciting and lively………………….so looking forward to visiting Texas!

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