Joker Construction Update #2

IMG_0942 Hello all! This is Jeremy from North Cal again here to give you all a quick update on The Joker! Things are all coming together incredibly fast, as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has set the date for The Joker to open May, 27th! That is just right around the corner!  This last weekend I decided to go out to the park and do a little snooping of my own to see if could see the new progress. I was hoping for a test run, or a glimpse of the new retail shop, but Discovery Kingdom did a pretty good job at keeping all the new stuff on lockdown. That being said though, I still was able to get a few shots of some pretty fantastic new updates.

The Station

The Station

So the last time I went out to the park the station was still looking a lot like Roar, so I was incredibly excited to walk up and see the beautiful paint job that they did on this station. There are still a few more things that need to be done, such as a giant mouth for the entrance, and a what looked to be the “top hat” of a tent to be added. I am very excited to see the finished product, as I remember how amazing it all looked in the concept art draw up. Also, right next to the staircase is an elevator for handicap which will make it much easier and accessible for those enthusiast in need of assistance.

IMG_0917 I tried to get in and look a little closer, but this was as far as I could go. As you can see though  they have been painting like crazy, as The Joker opens in less than two weeks!


“The Top Hat”

Here is what I was talking about as being the “top hat”. I am guessing from the things I was able to see that the station will look like a mix between a circus tent and a funhouse.

picture credit:

picture credit:


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This last picture before I leave you all with a POV of the Joker, is the Zero G Stall.  This right here is why I cant wait for this baby to open. You will go through this element upside down the whole time.  I have heard many people talk about the same element that is on Twisted Colosus, and they all said it is the coolest feelling ever!

Well folks I know this entry was a short one, but stay tuned, because in just 9 days I will be riding The Joker, and will keep you all updated for the whole thing! Here is a POV of the first test run. Enjoy!

Video credit: Theme Park Point of Views, and Discovery Kingdom

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2 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    The latest RMC I-Box re-tracks look good. Storm Chaser has since opened, and we’re waiting for The Joker to thrill riders.

    Hope that 2017 will be another interesting year, as for next RMC I-Box re-tracks, next set of B&M coasters, next first of its kind coaster or two, and next Sky Rocket II and 4D Free Fly coasters.

    • Elias Mertens says:

      YES! I love the Six Flags announcements every year. Next year I could see an RMC on Roar at Six Flags America maybe, and an RMC on Le Monstre. I could also see an RMC T-Rex.

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