Woodie Wednesday : Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake Park



Overview of Yankee Cannonball

DJ here.  Happy Woodie Wednesday this week we have a classic. Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake Park. Here is some brief history about this coaster. Yankee Cannonball originally opened in 1930 at Lakewood Park In Waterbury, Connecticut as “Roller Coaster”. In 1936 the coaster was relocated to Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire were it now stands today.13165976_221292368256662_4262816443001875237_n The coaster had to be slightly shortened to fit the new area. In 1954 the coasters lift hill was destroyed by Hurricane Carol and was repaired soon after. Yankee Cannonball has gone thru many different names , colors and theme changes. In 1985 it was officially named Yankee Cannonball in commemorate of the American Civil War.


Yankee Cannonball Break Run

Yankee Cannonball is manufactured by Philadelphia Toboggan Company and features a traditional out-and-back layout.


Yankee Cannonball First Drop

The layout has a max height of 65ft and max speed of 35mph the coaster is a length of 2,000 ft. Yankee Cannonball has received many re tracking thru out the years making for a very smooth ride without getting rid of the classic feel.


Yankee Cannonball Lift Hill

Here is a Pov of Yankee Cannonball

This coaster has many moment of airtime and is also a ACE landmark. If you are ever in the New England area don’t forget to stop by Canobie Lake Park to ride this classic wooden coaster and thanks for reading. Ride on



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